Cerny Most: skater boys

My girlfriend Jitka and I are Eastenders. We live in a flat in Cerny Most (Blackbridge), close to the R10 highway, which connects Prague to Mlada Boleslav. Thankfully not close enough to be bothered by the traffic, though a road that feeds this highway runs past our place. We live on the first floor of one of the area’s newer blocks of flats, and the window in front of my workspace affords a view of the aforementioned road.

Over the road is an old-school socialist housing project, or sidliste – or, as the Czechs call them, rabbit hutches. Immediately across from our place there is a squat brown complex that has a pub, a gambling bar (herna bar), and some offices for businesses that specialise in God knows what. I can tell you that they have some mighty comfy looking sofas and easy chairs in the lobby or reception area.

Traffic along the R10 artery in front of our block of flats is, fortunately, fairly light. For now it is a source of both amusement and irritation. The former is provided primarily by the skatboarders that bomb down the road, which has enough of a slope to get some serious speed, to the skatepark at the end of the street. In summer it was sometimes kind of thrilling to watch these 14 to 16-year old badasses in their oversized cargo pants and hoodies gliding down to the park, cigarettes dangling from their lips, like slouching little Silver Surfers.

In June Jitka and I walked over to the park to watch a skateboarding tournament. We weren’t expecting to see anything at Mystic Sk8 Cup levels, but we reckoned that one or two kids would be impressive enough.

No dice. In the hour or so we spent there, not one boarder got good air, and not one successfully completed a single trick. Managing to look cool on their boards while whizzing past our place seemed to be their only talent.

Nevertheless, I still get a bit of a kick out of watching these kids zip by, even as I write this on a frosty December afternoon. It certainly makes up for the view across the road.

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