PEN Club success

At the moment I’m writing thoughts on the finals of Cesko Hleda Superstar and have gotten a bit carried away. So, a short little something for today, then my lowdown – which is actually more of a well-deserved smackdown – tomorrow.

Last week’s PEN Club reading went quite well. I read sections of Jarda Cervenka’s The Adventures of Missi One, a reflection on childhood rafting adventures. The text was charming, and I had the pleasure of providing English accompaniment to Rudolf Pelar, a much-respected translator, chansonnier and reader. Mr. Pelar has a deep velvety voice that can make a lunch menu sound like a tale from Neverneverland.

Aside from Jitka and an American woman in Prague on a fellowship, the people we read to were pretty much all seniors. They were a good crowd, though one guy asked to hear me deliver in Czech. I obliged him by unintentionally choosing one of the more difficult sections of the story. It went over quite well and I hope to get invited to read at the PEN Club (28. rijna 9, Prague 1)again. They don’t have bilingual readings very often, but they sometimes host performances by songwriters; the next such performance will take place on Thursday June 23 (unfortunately I don’t have the program on hand – just take my, and the PEN Club’s, word for it that it will be good). I believe there’s a cover of 40 or 50 korunas as well.

Read Jarda Cervenka’s How I Came to the Feast

Read Jarda Cervenka’s Drinking in Iranduba

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