At (and in) the movies I.

Once again, I’ve written way too much. I’m going to break this entry into two parts.

It’s always kind of cool to see Prague used as a setting in a movie (especially when the city is not playing itself), whether the flick is as enjoyable as Mission: Impossible or as godawful as Bad Company. It’s even cooler to see people you know acting in movies. So, when Josh, the owner of Movie Star – my local DVD rental shop – recommended EuroTrip last night I figured I might as well check it out. I was in need of a laugh and I remembered that a few expat acquaintances are extras in one segment.

The segment takes place in London, the first stop on a trip to Berlin, where the main character’s “true love” (an online penpal) awaits. The premise is, “What happens when you take two American backpackers and put them in a pub full of football (soccer) hooligans?” In reality, probably two severely battered and shattered seppos. However, in the movie’s bid to keep American movie-goers stunningly ignorant of all things Euro, you get a sing-along. No, not the thinly-veiled Sieg Heiling of hooligan chants, but Sheena Easton’s Morning Train.

I could go on about how way off the mark the flick is when it comes to European, and to a certain extent American, stereotypes (the Bratislava segment is beyond retarded), but no, this was supposed to be about seeing people you know in movies. Mike (U Zpevacku barman extraordinaire), Mad Chris (Mr. Mojo Risin of Prague’s Doors revival band), and Jeff Smith (the tall cool Texan of fame) all play hooligans led by Vinnie Jones (who is the highlight of the movieā?? well, next to all the nice tits). Mike and Chris are in the accompanying still – Mike’s on the left and Chris is on the right of the film’s star, whatsisnameā?? umā?? hell, he sucked so bad that I can’t remember his name and I can’t be arsed to look it up.

EuroTrip is one of those crap films that makes you laugh in spite of yourself. Seeing Mike and Chris (you only catch a glimpse of Jeff – he has another “blink and you’ll miss it” moment in Hellboy) made it a bit better if only because I’m looking forward to singing the chorus to Ms. Easton’s 1981 chart-topper the next time I see them. I’ve never actually talked about the movie with them, so it’ll be interesting to hear what it was like on the set.

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