"Uncle Patrick"... yeah, that sounds pretty good to me

During my fine weekend in Strelice, I got some pretty amazing news: my younger sister Wendy is pregnant. I didn’t expect to be so blown away by this, but I’m still kinda tripping on the fact that I’m going to be an uncle to Wendy and Todd’s (my sister’s common-law hubby – they’ve been together for about as long as Jitka and I, if not longer) kid.

I’m still undecided about whether or not I want kids of my own, but for some reason this has got me thinking about the positives of having them. Though a trip to the mall tends to counterbalance those thoughts.

Funny thing is that Wendy and I had a conversation a few months ago about this. I told her I didn’t feel I was responsible enough, and simply didn’t have the interest or patience, for a kid. Wendy said she didn’t want to bring a child into such a messed-up world. Yes, she actually said that – my sister, bless her heart, is somewhat of a hippie, though she’s far more sincere in her environmentalism than most banner-waving, slogan-shouting extremist granolas.

Well, of course things have always been messed up here, but they also keep getting better and better as well. I’m sure that Wendy having a baby is a step in the right direction. It’s certainly more motivation for me to visit her in Victoria, B.C.

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