Chilling at U Splavu - I wish!

It must be one of Murphy’s Laws – I finally take a weekend off and it’s cold, gray and raining during my entire stay in Strelice U Brna. I get back to Prague for 06:00 to 20:00 workdays and it’s gorgeous beer garden weather.

I spent a lot of time at Riegrovy Sady last summer. I am very happy that Parukarka is still open for business, despite talk of it being shut down sometime last autumn. I am also delighted to be living about ten minutes’ walking distance from another fantastic beer garden served by the Kiosek U Splavu (in English, “The Kiosk by the Weir”).

The beer is good and cheap (ok, not the cleanest pipes, but if you bring your own half-litre mug you pay only CZK 17 as opposed to CZK 20). The crowd is your average mix of families, skaterkids, veteran beerhounds, couples, bikers, hikers, etc. mainly hailing from Blackbridge or neighbouring Dolni Pocernice.

In addition to all the rickety benches and chairs, customers can sit around a big fire-pit. There are heaps of wood for those sitting around it to keep it fed. While you can buy two varieties of grilled sausage (as well as pickled sausage) at the kiosk, you can also cook your own over the fire. There’s no need to whittle your own skewer as you can get one from the owner.

The proprietor is a gruff-sounding yet affable man in his late 40s. The service he and his wife give is quick and tends to involve banter. No surprise that he’s so chatty as around half of the times that I go for refills the man’s necking a shot with a customer, or just on his own.

I suppose the only fly in U Splavu’s ointment is the kiosk owner’s habit of wearing nothing, and I mean nothing, but a pair of old thongs and a cowboy hat a while working. As the kiosk is a bit elevated, when he’s serving you, you’ll be treated to the sight of a sizeable beer gut adorned with a disturbingly large outtie belly button. Of course, when he turns around, you’ll find yourself more or less facing his butt-flossed ass. While I know the pleasures of working in nothing but underwear, I certainly don’t do it while working with the public (no, not even when meeting with the porn mag publisher I translate for).

U Splavu opens early and closes very late – there have been nights when the owner has closed up shop and let Jitka and I sit by the fire for as long as we wanted, on the condition that we put it out ourselves of course. Backpackers and hitchhikers take note – it’s not uncommon to see pup-tents pitched in this area, even right on the grounds of the beer garden. Something to consider if you get to Prague without having booked anything (though you can prevent that from happening right here at Prague Spot).

We may not have all that much here in Blackbridge, aside from the mall (unfortunately, I find myself going there to take breaks these daysâ?? well, that’s another entry), but Kiosek S Splavu and the little parcel of Dolni Pocernice it serves is one of those wee pockets of heaven on earth.

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