Hot nights at Nebe

Warning – this post contains an indirect link to adult content (actually, in order for it to make sense, the post requires the link). Not safe for work and not for minors.

Now that I can no longer be held liable for getting you fired or educating your children, on with the post…

Well well well… just when I thought Nebe was losing its touch, I come across this thread at

Day-umn… and to think that I thought the crowds were getting a bit lame down there with their faux-lesbianism and sloppy heavy petting!

This is definitely a step up (or down, depending on your perspective) from the swingers parties that one of Nebe’s bartenders tried to organise a year or two ago. When I asked him how the first few had been, he complained that nobody really did anything, they just checked each other out the way you would on a normal night.

This is just an assumption, but I suppose it helps if you pay a bit extra for some support staff to get things going…

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