Bar-hopping and mall-crawling in Prague

Two things I’ve been doing way too much of these days: watching movies and killing time at the mall. Friday was a nice change of pace as Jitka and I went out for a nice little pub crawl in the centre. But first we spent a few hours in the Novy Smichov mall looking in vain for new sandals for Jitka. Thrilling stuff – by the time we were finished I was definitely ready to tie one on.

We started with a few beers at a bar called Wago Tago (I think). It’s a nice and lively grass-friendly basement bar situated relatively close to The Globe. Looking at the crowd of kids learning to roll, smoke and drink, I got a bit depressed upon noticing that I was the oldest cat in the bar. Damn, I though, when I was their age I wasn’t really hanging out in pubs – I was hanging out in, yup, you guessed it, the mall.

Next stop was Nebe/Iron Door. We sat at the bar as there was no way I was sitting in any of the seats there (read my previous entry and you’ll probably see why). Ok, it was early, but the crowd was boring, the beer tasted godawful (skunky Krusovice) and was way overpriced (CZK 32 for a nancy-boy 0.4 liter glass).

We moved on to Tulip, where much to our surprise, there was a Psytrance party happening in the basement. It was funny to see the place so lively with saucer-eyed kids and heavy beats leaking up from the basement. Weird place to have such a party – there’s just not enough visual stimulation to trip on. Although, I suppose all you really need to go with the beats and squawks, blips and bleeps is a blacklight, a day-glo painting, and a strobelight.

After our first spliff in months (thanks Chris!), we kept things going at U Zpevacku. Actually, all we really did was quote movies and bicker about my gaming “habit” (not that heavy‚?? yet). Jitka and I found it somewhat amusing, while our mate Mr. Brindle (aka Chris Parsons) seemed a bit shocked by the way we were carrying on. And carry on we did, until getting home at 3-4 a.m.

Saturday was a write-off – I can’t remember the last time I slept in until 5 in the afternoon. I made a firm commitment not to do any work over the weekend, as I’m sick and fucking tired of working 7-day weeks. The weather is just too nice for me to be doing that to myself. Of course we spent a bit of time at the Blackbridge Mall (aka Centrum Cerny Most) still searching for Jitka’s new sandals, and came home empty-handed.

Yesterday we succeeded in our hunt at Galerie Nove Butovice. It’s your average Czech mall – it has a McDonalds, KFC, C&A, H&M, and of course, a Kenvelo, among other shops, the major one being Hypernova. What sets it apart are the two massive aquariums, one on each of the mall’s two levels. Both are filled with an amazing assortment of multicoloured tropical fish. The aquariums alone are worth a trip out to “the other end” (at least for Blackbridge dwellers) of the B-line.

We went further on down the B-line to Metropole Zlicin, which boasts a dancing fountain that “performs” every hour on the hour (it doesn’t compare to the aquariums). IMO, Metropole’s best clothing store is a Mexx that has a better-than-average selection of men’s clothes, quite unlike the Benetton’s (Digression: what the hell is it with Benetton’s? I mean, where do they get the nerve to charge so much money for such crap clothes? Maybe twice a year they’ve got something worthy of my hard-earned dough. The rest of the year they sell clothes that make even borderline flaming homosexuals wince and say, “Whoa, darling, that shirt/sweater/pair of trousers/etc. is gay.”)

Anyway, that was more than enough mall-ratting to last me‚?? well, at least a week.

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