PSSSS 1: Nardwuar the Human Serviette

“For me, pepper – I put it on my plate.”
Former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, responding to a question about police use of mace against student protesters.

While surfing yesterday I got re-acquainted with one of my all-time favourite websites:, the official site of Nardwuar the Human Serviette, “Vancouver’s foremost celebrity stalker, college radio host, rock ‘n’ roll frontman, and undeniably strange thirty-one-year-old man-child.”

This is the guy who prompted former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien to make his infamous pepper spray quote (see above) back in 1997, following an incident in which police maced student protesters (go straight to Nardwuar vs. Jean Chretien).

Nardwuar’s site is chock full of hilarious interviews (transcriptions, audio, and video) with a plethora of celebrities, politicians, conspiracy theorists, and has-beens. Each one is a highlight in its own right. Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop, Busta Rhymes, Vanilla Ice, Jimmie “JJ” Walker, Warrant, and many others have either played Nardwuar’s wind-up game right up to the end or stormed off in disgust and/or humiliation (check out his interview with Quiet Riot).

This is the first of what I’ve decided to call Prague Spot’s Sunday Surfing Series (PSSS). Every Sunday I will post a link to a web site I like, ideally something that is simply a fun little time-killer, along with a brief summary.

Why Sunday? Because it’s a day of rest, recovery and recuperation – can you think of a better way to chill and ride out the residues of Saturday night’s overindulgence than a little bit of aimless surfing?

Actually, I can think of several, so let’s say I like the alliteration and “Saturday” has one syllable too many.

Happy surfing!

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