Getting connected in Prague

I finally got my laptop a couple of days ago, hence the gap between posts. I’ve been tweaking, adding, removing, securing, working and, of course, playing on it. So far, so good. I spent a good couple of hours working in the Globe, though my main reason for going there was to get online through my lappy’s integrated wireless card.

How naïve of me – the Globe doesn’t offer wireless access, only dial-up (or is it broadband? The café’s website doesn’t say) that costs CZK 1.50 per minute. They also offer rather outrageous flat fees to laptop owners who want to make The Globe their temporary office: CZK 800 for 7 days or CZK 2250 for 30 days of connectivity.

To give you an idea of how ridiculous that is, I pay Chello CZK 779 (with VAT) per month for a 1024/128 kb/s cable connection. Even the Chello Plus service, which offers a whopping 4096/512 kb/s connection for CZK 1678, offers more value. Cesky Telecom’s ADSL services are also being offered at reasonable prices, especially with its new Expres Klik product.

And then there are all the alternative operators offering Cesky Telecom services in different colors and under different names (the reason for this is simply the fact that, owing to the fact that they don’t have their own infrastructure, they have to buy Telecom’s services wholesale, re-package them and try and convince the public that they have something Telecom doesn’t).

Ok, I’m talking apples and oranges here – somebody just passing through on business or backpacking won’t really care about setting up broadband for themselves here. Getting back on track, there are a number of cafes and bars that offer free (I think?) WiFi – I’m pretty sure that NOD above Roxy is one of them (speaking of NOD, the Poetry & Provocation open mic is happening there again this Sunday, July 24).

Cesky Telecom and Eurotel also have a network of WiFi hotspots that require the laptop owner to use something like a phone card. The problem with many of them is that they are in KFC’s and hotels – I’d feel ridiculous connecting in a KFC and rather out of place connecting in a hotel.

So, I’m on a bit of a mission today – to find a place with good (and hopefully free) wireless access. Or maybe this is a good excuse to go for a Twister meal deal...

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