Villa Incognito

After having finally sent off the sixth chapter of the Russo-Chechen book as well as a small (but challenging) pile of copy for my newest client, it looks like I’ll finally have a free weekend – likely to be spent painting (yeah right), but at least I won’t have any translations to do, or rather, think about doing.

Lately I’ve been devoting a lot of space to my laptop love affair. Being able to connect on the go is still pretty new for me so please be patient if you’ve been stopping by regularly and are getting sick of hearing about all this wireless stuff. Today is not exactly about WiFi, but it does have to do with free Internet in Prague.

The tip-du-jour for folks looking to connect in town is Villa Incognito (Slavikova 27, Prague 3), which takes its name from a book by Tom Robbins, an author whose work I’ve never read. Supposedly he’s really good, so I suppose I should get around to checking out some of his stuff.

Anyway, aside from having a cool name, this fair-sized cafe/tearoom has a good selection of tea and coffee, as well as a modest selection of spirits, Australian and Czech wines, and (unfortunately) bottled beer, all at reasonable prices. The interior is cozy, with vibrantly coloured walls and a hodge-podge of furniture that looks like it came straight from the flats of a number of Czech grannies and grandaddies.

Not only is this a wicked place to chill out, you can also get connected through Incognito’s 1.5 mbps ADSL service. That’s right – no WiFi gear required. Simply ask at the bar and you will be given a LAN cable to hook your laptop up to what seems like an overabundance of jacks (up to eight computers can connect in the corner I’m sitting in – at a table that would barely fit two notebooks; and there are plenty more jacks throughout Incognito‚?? actually, I’m not sure if “jacks” is the right word‚?? ah well‚??).

The front and middle areas of Incognito are for non-smokers; the rest of us have a sizeable smoking room in the back. This is great for everybody on a day like today, when the door and windows can stay open, but I imagine that the non smokers will probably be pretty miffed with the arrangement come winter.

I’m the only person in here at the moment, and it’s pretty damn relaxing (though the music could be cooler – they’re playing Counting Crows right now). While it’ll be nice to see Incognito do very well, it would be just as nice to get more moments like this here.

And, of course, things’ll be even nicer when more cafes and tearooms get wise enough to offer free Internet connections to bring customers in.

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