G8, stoned in the centre, and crusty dogs


I’m typing this in a space that isn’t ideal for work but the WiFi’s free, the couch is comfy, and the aesthetics and atmosphere are not bad.

PC Herna G8 is situated at Narodni trida 25 (across the street from Tesco), down in the belly of the Laser Game complex. It boasts 15 PC stations that offer Internet for CZK 1 per minute, as well as 1 hour of gaming for CZK 69, with discounts for club members. They also have printing services.

G8 loses points on beer (CZK 30 for a can of Pilsner), and the kid working the bar has a terrible habit of saying “What!?” when spoken to in English. He’s friendly enough, and his English is quite good, but that “What?!” really gets my back up…

But hey, the connection’s free and it doesn’t stink of KFC down here. It’s more like being in the basement of a buddy who is way too into gaming, graffiti and survival. Blacklights pump up the dayglo tags and designs on the walls, with camouflage netting overhead.

If you don’t mind the shitty aerobics technopap thumping out of the speakers (at a thankfully reasonable level), and the constant rapidfire chatter, whoops and curses of young Czech gamers (all guys, though a few babes were gracing the space when I got here), and if you can get a space on the couch or one of the armchairs, it’s not a bad place to get some work done undisturbed – chances are you’re not going to run into anybody you know here, which always helps productivity.

Smokers take note – G8 is a smoke-free zone (though I swear I can smell somebody puffing away right now).

This city loves you

Had a good night on the town yesterday, starting at U Zpevacku, where I chatted with Mike and watched butch surfer-femmes and insane BMX trick riders on the tube. I then headed over to Tulip. Local Tom Waits’ cover band The Blue Valentines were playing the Tulip Lounge last night, so I reckoned I’d pop in to say hi to a few people I hadn’t seen in a while.

I said my hellos, had a nice chat with Bethany, then headed off – the show hadn’t started owing to technical difficulties (it was something like quarter to ten by this point), and the joint was just too goddamn packed. I wasn’t in the mood to wait in a Christ knows how long getting pinballed around the room, so, after watching a frantic Gez (the guitarist) try to sort out amp problems with a mobile in each hand (through no fault of his own, there always tended to be technical issues when he was part of Drift) I walked over to Marquis de Sade.

One of my favourite things to do in this city is stroll through the centre stoned and alone at night. Of course, the buildings look better, the lights are brighter and more starlike, the people are more interesting, and good ideas (well, they always seem good at the time, don’t they?) and inspiration come rushing in. Or it’s easier to keep your mind blank and just dig that “Goddamn, I live in PRAGUE, man!”

Marquis was also pretty stuffed, but I managed to grab a seat so I could sit back and watch the crowd. As an added bonus Prague’s Most Adorable Barmaid was working. One beer later and it was time to get back to the suburbs, my mind all fired up and telling me, “Dude, you have got to get out more often.”


This is my favourite CzechTek related item to date.

My sympathy for this summer’s biggest cause celebre is starting to wane – Prime Minister Paroubek and Interior Minister Bublan are willing to sit down and talk with the organisers. Former President Vaclav Havel is willing to mediate. So why aren’t the organisers behaving like adults and sitting down to work this out? What, is that not hip or underground enough? Would that be selling out?

The answers to those questions are: who gives a rat’s ass, and not necessarily.

The way they’re going about things now I can’t help but shake my head and say, “What a bunch of fucking babies.”

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