Inline skating at Ladronka

Jitka and I started inline skating recently. Actually, I’ve only skated a couple of times this season, while Jitka’s been out pretty much every day. We’ve both got second-hand skates; on the first day that I was out with mine I discovered that the wheels were in sub-piss-poor condition and needed to be replaced.

Well, turns out that it wasn’t just a matter of buying wheels, I also had to buy bearings. Ok, fair enough, I discovered that before going to buy the wheels. But then I learned that I would also have to invest in the little plastic (or metal) pieces that go in between the bearings, as well as the plastic pieces that go between the frame and the bearings on each side of the wheel (sorry for being so non-descriptive, but a quick google search did nothing to help me find the terms for these).

After investing over a grand in wheels, bearings and plastic thingies, along with snazzy new laces, at a local mom ‘n’ pop sports shop, I rushed home to spruce up my skates. Turns out the plastic gizmos that go between the bearings were too small. The shop closed at noon, so I was out of luck.

In a pissy mood I headed over to Ladronka, not looking forward to yet another few hours spent watching Jitka skate while I smoked and wished I had blades. Fortunately one of her friends lent me his blades. Unfortunately he’s a trick skater, meaning that his skates have got puny wheels. I could manage on them, but only by exerting a hell of a lot of energy (for those not in the know, the smaller the wheels, the greater the amount of required propulsive force).

I suppose I could have rented blades (one hour costs CZK 120), but having spent enough cash on my inline gear for one day, I settled for the trick riding skates. Besides, being a relatively fit guy, the extra work didn’t bother me all that much. I ended up having a great time at Ladronka, and, thanks to JB Sport (a place that makes me really want to start playing ice hockey again), I got the additional thingamajigs I need for my inline skates to (hopefully) run smoothly now.

Oh, and on the way home we stopped off at Letna to see what the CzechTekkies were up to on Saturday. It was a very twee lo-fi version of Czech Tek. Nice atmosphere, kinda cute and endearing, with the predictable scents of bad homegrown and boxed wine fumes, and the inevitable sight mangy mutts and wasted crusties. Pairs of cops here and there, but no members of the riot squad in sight. All in all nothing worth sticking around for.

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