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During my first shift as a bartender at Jo’s Bar many years ago, I noticed that absinthe was missing from our drink list. When I asked Espen, the Norwegian barman who was training me, why this was, he said, “Usually when people order absinthe here they don’t know what they’re in for. They drink too much of it too fast. We got sick of cleaning up the results.”

I don’t know if the green fairy is still off Jo’s list, but those seeking to savour the spirit rather than power-drink it should check out NOD. While most bars carry one or two varieties of the spirit, NOD now offers eight speciality absinthes.

This is decidedly not for those looking for a quick buzz, as the prices range from CZK 89 for a 2 cl shot of Czech Delirium 35 (35 mg/l wormwood, 70% alcohol content) to CZK 199 for the same amount of France Verte de Fougerolles 72 (16 mg/l wormwood, 72% alcohol content). The Wormwood Society describes the “VdF” as follows (3/4 down the page):

The herbs in this absinthe are not shy; there is a distinct wormwood bitterness and a subtle tea-like flavor and astringency, no doubt from the Veronica herb which is used in the coloration. Verte de Fougerolles is a pleasantly different style of absinthe from most on the market.

That’s a pretty upscale write-up for a drink that many a Prague expat or tourist imbibes for the sole purpose of getting utterly cranked. But then again, absinthe, like tequila or slivovice (plum brandy), has always been a spirit that demands respect and moderation.

While I’m tempted to try some of these speciality absinthes, for the time being even a 90-koruna shot is a bit rich for my blood…

Also, if you can stand the noise from the experimental performance space, NOD’s main gallery is now furnished with chairs, tables, and couches. The entrance to Roxy is now a bar (haven’t ventured downstairs yet), and, of course, the WiFi is still free.

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