Another WiFi hotspot in Prague; Bon Voyage Little Sweetness!

Sending this one out from yet another one of Prague’s free WiFi hotspots, this one in the outback of Zlicin, in the Metropole mall. I just finished a very tasty toasted ham & cheese bagel up in the mall’s Coffee & Co., which claims to have the “Best Coffee in Town”. I’m not so sure that C&C has the right to make such a claim, but their breakfast special (a bagel sandwich, freshly-squeezed orange juice and coffee of your choice – espresso, cappuccino, latte, etc. – for merely CZK 75) kicks ass.

Before stopping off here, I saw Jitka off at the airport. She’s going to visit her brother in Oakland for a month. So, I’ve got thirty days of bachelorhood to share with our ill cat Mikes. When I say “ill” I don’t mean “licensed to” but “sick”. He has some condition that’s got him pissing every ten minutes (well, it sure seems that way), so on returning home today I have the pleasure of collecting a urine sample to take to the vet. Hopefully the collection process won’t be too difficult – I’ve got to empty the litter box and hope that he still uses it the next time Mikes has to drain his main vein. I’d rather not think of any alternative methods, thank you very much.

Sounds like a great kick-off my first month of solitude in seven and a half years‚??.

A little something I noticed at the airport: near the check-in counters there’s a sign listing all the things that passengers are not allowed to take on board in their carry-on luggage. In the English version, one of the forbidden items is a “catapult”. My assumption is that the security folk mean to tell folks that they can’t take slingshots on board – does anyone outside of Hollywood actually use catapults these days?

Ach‚?? I miss her already‚?? This is going to be an unhealthy month.

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