COPS - Czech-style

Scott already posted this on his blog, but this is so good that I’ve got to include the link in mine as well.

First Radovan Krejcir’s getaway, then Operation “Crustystomp” at Czech Tek 2005, and now this story straight outta Mosnov. PR-wise, this has been one hell of a crap summer for the cops not to mention those who they are supposed to, ahem, serve and, yeah right, protect.

My father is a retired policeman; when he was a member of the Ottawa Police Service” I met all types of fuzz, from paper-pushers to undercover cops. Like in any line of work, you’ve got your credits and disgraces to the profession. I’m sure my dad was no saint when he was working the beat, but I’m also sure he was one hell of a cop. And I had the pleasure of meeting and hoisting a few quarts of beer with many of the finest of Ottawa’s Finest in the Keystone Stop, the OPS private club.

To sum up, I dig cops – at least I dig Ottawa cops. I’ve got no respect for the Czech fuzz, however. Hopefully it’s just a minority that’s making everybody else look bad.

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