Prague Barhopping; Welcome to the Blogosphere, Richard J!

I haven’t really been doing all that much since Jitka’s departure, mostly watching DVDs and playing computer games, though Mr. Brindle and I did some all-night bar-hopping on Saturday. We started at midnight at U Zpevacku and then hit Marquis (good crowd but the whole place smelled like puke), Chateau (that bar is like a homosexual who steadfastly refuses to come out of the closet; not being into hanging out at sausage factories, we didn’t even stay for one beer), NoD (lively yet dull crowd), Confessions (good for a joint, a beer and a few games of foosball), Blue Light (lively and annoying crowd – worth it for the walk over a horde-free Charles’ Bridge), U Zpevacku (for the novelty of having gone full-circle, sort of), to Batalion (weird mix of music – Chicago’s “Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry” was playing as we walked into the basement, this was followed by something that sounded a lot like Ministry), and finally to the Muzeum McDonalds where we settled our munchies with double cheeseburgers, cafe lattes, and smoked one last spliff to make the metro ride home a little more interesting.

Sunday was spent watching Scary Movie (for the first time, not bad) and White Chicks (for the fourth time, still hilarious), and playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (after having finished Half-Life). Today I managed to get a little work done before calling it quits and watching Arlington Road (good but depressing).

Spoke with Jitka for a good couple of hours. She’s doing alright in Oakland, though she tells me it isn’t safe for her to walk alone in the neighbourhood alone, even during the day, and she is unable to drive her brother’s pick-up or SUV or whatever it is that he drives to San Francisco. I also learned that I’ve probably been a bad influence as far as spitting the odd hip-hop lyric, or using black slang in the flat. On her way to her brother’s from the airport, she casually remarked, “There sure are a lot of niggaz around here.”

Everyone else in the car was pretty quick to tell her not to say that word even in Czech. On a side note, here’s an interesting article entitled Won’t You Please Be My Nigga on a linguistic double-standard that’s so widely accepted even Slim Shady apparently won’t touch the word when conjuring up his rhymes. I’m looking at it in this entry and wondering whether or not I should censor it somehow.

I was kind of afraid that something like this would happen to Jitka. Maybe I should stop saying, “Yo, Mikesh, wassup my li’l fo’-legged nigga?” when greeting our black cat on arriving home. Ah well, I’m sure that common sense will prevail.

Before signing off to watch The Godfather: Part III, I’d like to send a virtual shout-out to my ni… my boy Richard James, who has just launched his first weblog. Richard’s a very talented musician and producer, and he also happens to be married, with child, here in Prague. Well, actually, a bit outside of Prague, but he works in town. Check RJ’s blog here.

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