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Czechlist is a discussion forum for Czech-English (and vice-versa) translators and interpreters. It’s probably one of Prague’s friendliest discussion forums.

I don’t actually visit or participate in the forum, but I keep up with what’s going on through email. Members are always quick to help out their peers with difficult terminology and are happy to give a hand to those starting out in the field. This forum is a valuable resource to CZ-EN translators, no matter what level they’re at.

I met a few of the Czechlisters at a small gathering last year and had a great time. Melvyn Clarke, the man who maintains Czechlist, as well as the extremely handy, has asked me to pass the following invitation on to all who are interested in joining us translators and interpreters for drinks tomorrow:

We are getting together again with some translator friends at Rezava Kotva off Janackovo nabrezi, this coming Wednesday, 24th August, from 6.00 pm.

We will be enjoying the sunshine at a table outdoors. Unless it is raining, of course, in which case we will be :-( at a table indoors.

Do come and join us for some language fun and games (exchanging tips about language problems, translation issues, Internet resources, travel resources, etc etc etc), if you are into that kind of thing.

We have some pictures from our last gathering at Rezava Kotva towards the end of the first page of the “Members” section of the Czechlist photos:

Very pleasant place for a summer outing. They have some “90s music” =:-O later on (from 9 pm) if anybody wants to make an evening of it.

Our table will have the old CZECHLIST sign on it.



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