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After a couple of days of turning down good times downtown on Thursday and Friday, a strong impulse shoved me out of my Fortlet of Solitude last night. On hitting the centre I popped by Marquis de Sade. Spyder was playing to a lovely lively crowd. It seems like every time I go to Marquis when Spyder’s performing, he’s either playing And the Wind Cries Mary as I enter the place, or it’s the first or second tune he plays after I get settled. He plays it, as well as the rest of his set of rock and blues covers, well, so it’s always good for a drink or two.

Next I went to check out the end of Provokator’s Anti-Anti Fest, which took place at NoD. I missed all the films and videos, but caught up with a few people I hadn’t seen in a while. A couple of beers later and I was off to Zero, where a dude named Chris was having a going-away party.

Zero seems to have it going on: it looks good, the drinks are a bit on the pricey side, but not unreasonably so, the music (at least last night) was pretty danceable house, and there were a fair number of familiar faces there. As an added bonus, a hen party provided some really hot eye candy: all the girls were dolled up in naughty nurse uniforms. Unfortunately this was counterbalanced by the power-drinking frustrated closet homosexual rugby boys that were accompanying them. There weren’t any troubles, though the second largest of the louts was clearly looking to start something. What the hell were these girls thinking bringing these fuckwits along for the ride? And what was such a bevy of babes doing with such limp-witted lumps?

But I digress. Yeah, Zero’s cool, but I had a lousy time there in spite of that. In Ottawa, my mates and I called bars like Zero “ballcap and bimbo” bars because the only people who go to them are white baseball cap and beer logo t-shirt wearing jocks and, well, bimbos. Ok, so the crowd at Zero last night was more “beautiful” than ballcap and bimbo, but the atmosphere was the same: everyone’s on the hunt, everyone’s sooooo happy to see you, and everyone’s full of shit. When it comes to socializing, I consider myself a pretty flexible guy, but for some reason I feel really out of my element in these places.

A bit of chatting, a couple of beers, too many cigarettes and a cab ride later I was in the far more genuine atmosphere of Blind Eye. The contrast in vibe was kind of stunning in a pleasant way.

I pulled a bit of a whitey after a beer and a few hauls off a spliff and took off. It was around half past three in the morning at this point and I was in no mood to take a night tram back out to Blackbridge. So I hung out in Batalion for a few beers and a bit of people watching.

Batalion is somewhat of a ballcap and bimbo place, but it’s also very Czech and the crowd is far more amusing. I got the most kicks out of watching a group of brothers hitting on all the white chicks on the dance floor. These guys were as lousy at dancing as the white boys stutterstepping in front of me. Then there was the fucked-up hippy dude pulling Jesus Christ poses on the little stage by the DJ standā??.

Crusty junkies, Eastern European mafioso and their gold-digging bitches, booze hounds and hagsā?? Batalion gets a lot of dregs, but it never really feels all that hardcore downstairs. The crowd is as eclectic as the music played down there; the most notable sonic oddity of the morning occurred when the DJ followed Roxette’s Joyride with Smells Like Teen Spirit which shifted into some crap Lucie Bila song.

Speaking of Joyride, something I noticed yesterday: guys who dance to this song (or any other Roxette “rock” song for that matter) look really gay. Which, of course, isn’t a bad thing if they are really gay.

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  1. Hey Mr. S – sorry I didn’t chat with you on Saturday – I didn’t have the wits to juggle a conversation wtih two people. (Sad, innit?) I saw that hen party go in and figured that cutting out was a good plan. Sounds like I was right.
    Bishop Joey    Aug 29, 07:33    #
  2. Hiya Mr. B, we talked a bit outside the bar, but I was juggling as well :-) The hen party wasn’t so bad, it was their chaperones that were the problem. I accidentally nudged the one who was itching to start something and he looked like he wanted to murder me. Probably a good thing he wasn’t holding a drink. He was giving one of the girls a really hard time, it looked like she was going to start crying.

    Anyway, I’m sure we’ll get the chance to catch up soon.
    Patrick    Aug 29, 10:31    #
  3. hey man i thought we had a good time there,,,those nurses were sensational..know what u mean bout the beautiful people but since im beautiful myself i managed to hang in there haha
    ChrisC    Sep 18, 15:34    #