Killers, Omen, WTF?

Hot Fuss Over Nothing

Yesterday I mentioned that I spent part of Thursday flicking through a copy of Q magazine that I had borrowed from U Zpevacku. The cover story was a feature on flavour-of-the-month upstarts The Killers.

What I’ve heard from them so far hasn’t impressed me. After reading the Q piece, I have only this to say: I hope that someone beats the everloving crap out of 23-year-old poseur frontman Brandon Flowers. Judging from the article, it seems quite likely that his bandmates will be the ones to do so.

Bad Omen

Mike, the UZ barman, told me that he’d been to a casting recently. When I asked him what the movie is going to be about he told me that a remake of The Omen is going to be shot here in Prague.

Oh great, just what the world needs—another shite revamp of a great movie. It’s bloody insulting to movie buffs as much as it is to people who occasionally rent a flick or two. Why don’t the hacks who squeeze these turds out simply pay homage to the classics in their own way? Or at least make sequels—Damien would be in his mid-thirties to forties if I’m not mistaken.

Added on 13.9.2005: man, am I thick – I completely forgot that he’s in his thirties in The Final Conflict.

This Is So Dumb I Can’t Even Think of a Headline For It

The headline in the Prague Monitor read ‘Gross Sings Gangsta Rap’. Ok, I think, I’ll bite. I link to this pile of tripe over at The Fleet Sheet’s Final Word. What the hell inspired the author to write this, and why was it published? I can’t make the connection at all. Considering the probable source material, this could have been something clever, topical, and hip. This is just crap. I mean, I write some stupid shit here sometimes, but I think this is the stupidest shit I’ve read in a hell of a long time. Thanks for the fodder, Fleet Sheet.

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  1. I’m reading some anger there, Patrick. But I have to say that I quite like the Killers, for some reason I’ve played their album a whole lot this year. Admittedly it gets decidely weaker towards the end. Actually, I play the first half a dozen songs and quite after that. But I do enjoy them and they were good (but not great) opening for U2 this year. I’ve never read the Q magazine interview so I’m curious as to what riled you so much…

    I’m in singapore airport today. It is bloody hot. I am thinking of going and getting a beer and sitting on the airport roof and watching the planes go by.
    Richard    Sep 13, 04:22    #
  2. Hey Richard. Yeah, I was in a rather pissy mood when I wrote and posted this. I’ve been trying to quit smoking (without much success), and I’d gone a day without a butt and was rather hungover to boot.

    I just can’t dig on the Killers, at least not what I’ve heard from them. The Q magazine interview presents a band with an egomaniacal frontman and musicians who don’t seem to be enjoying their overnight success. For some reason the piece rubbed me the wrong way.

    Drinking beer and watching planes sounds idyllic right now. Hope all is well.
    Patrick    Sep 13, 08:10    #
  3. Pissy is allowed when quitting smoking. Sorry it’s not with all the success you’d like.

    Good luck on that, though. You’ll be much happier for it (says the smug guy 2+ years smoke free).
    Bishop    Sep 13, 10:06    #
  4. Hello there. Just jumping in here (here? there? all over the place tonight): Killers are OK. The album is one of those that should be bought on vinyl; side one would great, side two troubled by a stylus just the once. The songs that are good are very good and they’re all early on.

    Anyway: I was on holiday in Prague last week (great city, little rain, girlfriend got me to rediscover Kafka) and saw them filming The Omen. Being a shallow and vacuous type I was trying to find out who was in it.

    We came across the trailers parked by the Lennon graffiti wall and there was one belonging to the actor playing Fr Bannion (or whatever he’s called). Wondered who he was. Shallow I know but I can at least say I saw a star’s caravan. Do you know who’s in it?

    And the film might not be shite: the remake of Amityville was ok, even though they still insist it was true.

    Back to Killers: bought loads of CDs while in Prague, including Plastic People, IMT and Vaclav, Koubek and Spol. (We thought the latter was Yellow Dog as it had pes in the album title). All very good, anyway. Well, maybe the Plastic People are an acquired taste.

    And we saw Vaclav Havel, lighting a candle for the Velvet Revolution. He was with a white haired gent, but we never figured out who he was.
    Jero    Nov 22, 22:12    #