Hyperion hangover

Groan… I’m hurting today when the good folks at Provokator throw a party, they don’t mess around. Marika Ley’s webzine had its XXXmas 2004 party last night at Hyperion (Zerotinova 31), a brand new basement lounge in Zizkov.

It kicked off with a really solid open mic. The emphasis was on guitars and singing, but there was also a bit of comedy, as well as a little poetry. I put in five-minutes’ worth of material myself with a piece called Progress report, inspired by expatriate message board flame wars and a little rhyme that popped into my head one day while sitting in a pub. Chris Parsons accompanied me on guitar, providing me, as always, with a nice wave to ride on.

The highlight of the night was Jeremiah Palecek (aka King Vitamin) and his accomplice MC Dirty Diaper (well, that was his ‘power name’ last night. I still don’t have my own power name’). The duo threw down some wicked freestyling—a skill that I aspire to acquire some day. For now, memorising my stuff is enough work.

After the open mic, Daniel our DJ ‘spun’ (more like ‘clicked’ through his laptop) a great blend of indie, oldies, and hip-hop.

So much expat talent in this city on Wednesday, after a pleasant evening spent with fellow translators, I stopped by Marquis de Sade and caught a few sets by an excellent singer/songwriter named Jamie Marshall. He did covers, but not carbon copies—he owned each song he played. Between sets, Jamie told me that he does his own material as well. Hopefully we can get him to feature at Alchemy sometime early next year. Either way, keep your ear to the ground and check him out when you’re in town.

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