Czech racism (or "Can Czech cops suck any harder?")

While I still think that the CzechTek organizers are being drama queens when they rant about a return to totalitarianism and a police state, police inactivity during neo-Nazi rallies and concerts is disgusting and disgraceful. In the latest case, the cops attending monitoring an extremist gig in Krtetice last weekend “did not find that the law was being violated”.

Oh, so it’s legal to dance the Sieg Heil en masse and promote racism here in the Czech Republic? What the fuzz is saying is that they were either in favour of the gathering, indifferent to it, or straight up chickenshit. Yeah, it’s much easier to beat up a bunch of crusties in a field. Just imagine for a moment that those weren’t Czechtekkies, but skins getting gassed, blasted, booted, belted and beaten.

Pretty tough to picture, isn’t it? And now Prime Minister Paroubek is asking Interior Minister Bublan to provide a report on the non-incident in Krtetice. As if Frank’s report is going to make a lick of difference. As if George is going to bother reading the damn thing.

In many ways the Czechs have got the politicians they deserve, especially in cases like this.

Unfortunately, when it comes to racism, your average white Czech is not much better than your average skinhead – any foreigner who has spent more than a day hanging with Czechs knows this. The only thing that separates the attitudes of the skins and those of the average white Czechs is the fact that the skins are more vocal.

It still upsets me when I hear Czechs who are close to me rag on gypsies (as well as Jews and Arabs and Asians, though they’re cool with the brothers). Of course, every Czech knows one token “good” gypsy family – a family in which the parents have jobs, a family that is polite to the neighbours, a family that is quiet and, most importantly, a family that keeps to itself.

Ah, yes, fine, good. But what if an average white Czech boy falls in love with the daughter of token “good” gypsy parents? Will the boy’s average white Czech parents approve?

Damn straight they won’t. Whenever a Czech starts up that nonsense about the token “good” gypsies they know I feel like slapping him/her. Maybe I should start doing just that.

For a very well-written look at Czech racism vs. Western racism, check this article by Christopher Lord in the Think magazine archives. Peace out.

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