Another Czechlist gathering

Once again, Melvyn Clarke, the man who maintains Czechlist, as well as the extremely handy, has asked me to pass the following invitation on to all who are interested in joining us translators and interpreters for drinks tomorrow:

Hello Czechlisters,

Getting together with a few translator friends again this coming Wednesday, 21st September at 6 pm. This time I have taken a tip from Gerry and made a reservation at Konirna U Vladare, Maltezske namesti 10.

As Gerry says: “It is located within the up-market restaurant U Vladare, which is a nice touch as the prices are a fraction of the other, as you’ll see.”

I tried it out the other day and can add that the setting is nice, the service is fine, the food is interesting and the prices are pretty reasonable (see online menu). It’s a handy place to know about in any case. The only thing is, do not be lured into the expensive part of the restaurant! Walk through the outside seating area and the main entrance then turn right! It’s clearly marked inside but not at all outside.

So come along and join us for some language fun and games (exchanging tips about language problems, translation issues, Internet resources, travel resources, etc etc etc), if you are into that kind of thing.

And don’t come much after 6 pm or you might not squeeze in.



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