Billy Bob Abduction

I’ve really got to start ignoring the cool stuff that the Prague Monitor links to in its multimedia section. I just killed about half an hour playing an addictive little Flash game called Billy Bob Abduction. It’s a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it chances are you’ll play it through to the end.

Here’s a handy walkthrough if you get stuck.

Sep 21, 10:29 (Filed under: Web watch )

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  1. yeah, i really dig your blog here, i found this thang just tryin to find people’s opinions on living in the czech republic. i seriously thinking of movin there, let me say first , my written english is awful , so that the reason for all the commas. I don’t know how to end a sentence. Anyway, i was just wondering if you had some suggestions other than the usual , its hard to get a visa and sro thing everybody writes about. i mean i cool dude, i am outta the gangs lifestyle, i just need a change and wonder what it would be like for me if was there. THANKS and i like this blog alot , the shit is really hot.i
    haron    Oct 4, 04:05    #
  2. Hi Haron,

    beaucoup thanks for your props. I’m not sure how I can help you out – what are you interested in doing in the Czech Republic? Where are you from? And, if you don’t mind me asking, what kind of ‘gang lifestyle’ are you talking about?
    Patrick    Oct 4, 14:28    #
  3. hey i see you have a walkthrough avaliable for billy bob abduction. i cannot access it though.
    all i need to know is how to get into the kitchen!

    C.    Nov 10, 05:18    #
  4. Hm, the walkthrough link doesn’t seem to work anymore. I snagged this from I Am Bored:

    1. Go into the house, and open the closetdoor behind the boxes to release the cat.
    2. Open the door leading to the attic, and drag one of ladders to the new opening, and then go up to the attic.
    3. Put two chair on top of eachother right under the picture of that woman. Then drag the ladder you used to get up to the attic, and put it next to the closet, and go get the scythe and blowtorch.
    4. Get the woman out of the house by dragging the mouse from the attic to the kitchen. To get the mouse out, put the cat in the kitchen too. Close the refridgerator door to get the piece of paper.

    Hope that helps. I needed a walkthrough for the house as well.
    Patrick    Nov 11, 11:07    #
  5. I can only get eight or nine clues.?

    Robin    Feb 15, 23:44    #