Happy Birthday To Me, Zorbing

Had no time to put anything up yesterday due to work, which was kind of a drag as the weekend cleared my head so thoroughly that I was itching to write. Now I’m not all that focused because I’m more into filling the new mp3 player Jitka gave me for my birthday with music. Considering the thing has a capacity of 40 GB, and considering I’ve just been turned onto eMule, I’m going to be pretty busy for the next few days.

I celebrated my 34th birthday on Friday, starting with beers a’plenty at U Zpevacku in the company of Chris, Richard, and of course the lovely Jitka. After spending more time there than we probably should have, it was off to Nebe for one drink – not hard to do considering the shit the DJ was spinning on Friday. Way too much Michael Jackson and tepid funk.

We spent the rest of the night at Batalion. No Mediterranean lesbians this time around, but the music was good enough to get Jitka and I up and dancing for the rest of the night.

It was with a heavy head and aching lungs that I went Zorbing the next day. Jitka has friends who have a hand in running Zorb operations here in the Czech Republic, so we got a free ride out near Plzen.

A Zorb is an enormous see-through ball in which there is another see-through ball. Two people strap themselves into the thing opposite each other, then the ball is sent down a small hill. The sensation is kind of hard to describe – you’re not really flung about, jolted, jarred or shaken – you just roll. It’s a bit sickening, somewhat thrilling, rather exhilarating experience. Here’s the hype from the official Zorb website

It’s a vigorous wash for the unclean, a cool drink for the thirsty and a revolution for the oppressed masses. It cures heartbreak, heartburn and hangovers, halitosis and that nagging feeling that you’ve left the iron on at home. It brings couples closer together, keeps sandflies away, tells your mother-in-law when she’s stayed too long and packs her bags – encourages hair growth in the bald and defoliates the hairy. It’ll power your warp drive, warp your sense of reality, pull off your clothes, clean your teeth, read you a story, tuck you in at night and make you dream sweet dreams.

As an added bonus Jitka and I both got tourist tags (turisticke znamky), which are are circular wooden branded tokens that are souvenirs as well as “proof” of having been to a tourist attraction. It is not possible to buy them anywhere other than on the site of the attraction.

A numbered series of tags follows the ridges of mountains, the currents of navigable rivers, maps gardens, natural and technical monuments, historical towns, accessible caves, zoological gardens, and many other places of interest.

Together with up-to-date maps, tourist tags can play the role of tour guide through the beauties of our nation. The entire system is continuously expanding.

They’re pretty cool souvenirs – once you collect ten you get a special tag that is unavailable at any of the tag network’s sites. There’s more about tourist tags (in Czech) here.

Sunday was nice and lazy – we got back home around dinnertime and watched The Graduate (Jitka found it kind of stupid and rather boring. I had forgotten the way the movie plays Simon & Garfunkel’s Scarborough Fair to death). I was sort of unprepared for the barrage of translations one of my clients sent my way yesterday, but managed to catch everything and put a whole lotta music on my Nomad. Speaking of which, I’m signing off to get back to eMuling now??

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  1. Hey patrick,
    Happy birthday! 34, huh? Sweet.

    Happy mp3-ing. I’m regretting not getting a player in Singapore last week.

    Richard Body    Sep 28, 23:34    #