Changing lifestyles again

Jitka’s out running now, grooving to a shuffled mix Black Eyed Peas mp3s. When she gets back, I’ll head out for a run myself, probably kicking it off with Oasis’ Lyla – sure it totally rips off the Stones’ Street Fighting Man, but goddamn, you can’t help but feel ten feet tall when it’s blaring in your ears. Total stadium-rocking, cock-of-the-block strutting music.

I’m going through yet another attempt at changing my lifestyle. Cutting down on the booze and the grass, cutting out the smoking (though I doubt I’ll be able to resist the odd one when drinking,), and exercising. My eating habits still leave a lot to be desired, especially when it comes to sweets. I’ve gone a bit pear-shaped again and it pisses me off that all the work I’ve put into sweating off my Pilsner paunch has gone to waste.

I started running again on Monday. Kinda late in the season, but that’s only because I found my running shoes a couple of weeks ago. After that smoking was my excuse – no cigarettes until after exercising was the rule.

Now it’s got to be no cigarettes at all and it’s doing my head in. It’s only been a few days, but I’m not taking it well. I keep thinking about that Bloom County serial in where Steve Dallas is forced to give up the butts, goes ballistic and holds Opus hostage. While I have neither a puffin nor a gun to threaten it with, the feeling is definitely there.

Anyway, time to get running. Later today Jitka and I will be going to a new fitness centre downtown. We may follow this up with a trip to the SexErotica 2005 trade fair, but the CZK 299,- per person entrance fee is kind of a turn-off (CZK 200,- per person per day; the program is only available in Czech).

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