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Having just finished Alex Garland’s The Beach, I wanted to devote some time to skewering Danny Boyle & Leo DiCaprio’s godawful rendition of it. If I were Garland, I think I’d have beaten the crap out of everyone involved with that flick, as it’s an insult to an extremely well-written, beautifully paced (though not flawless) book.

However, as I’m running short of time today (spent most of last night and this morning building a new website for my and Jitka’s translating business), I’m just going to post a few quickies that I snagged from the Prague Monitor.

First of all, I would just like to add another result to Geri Agalia’s google search results. For some reason I find it funny that the article about her “ungooglability” puts her in google.

While I dig what the organisers of the In Our Faces: Visual Assault on the Streets of Prague exhibit are trying to say, I’m kinda skeptical that it will do anything more than make a vague blip on the local radar. Czechs have a very healthy attitude towards sex and don’t piss themselves over public displays of T&A. Hell, at the local Globus they’re selling titty calendars out in plain view one row over from the toy section. Personally, I quite like seeing billboards with attractive women with bedroom eyes trying to seduce me into buying a particular brand of caulking, booze, socks, cosmetics, laundry detergent, whatever, whether I use them or not. Ridiculous little infatuations with models in various ads (Avon and Soudal in particular, along with all the billboard and citylight hype for men’s magazines) inject a little sunshine into the grayest of days, take a man’s mind off of whatever’s got him down, or make a good day a bit better.

And finally, a little something to make you smile. HEEERE’S JOHNNY!

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