Reality shows bite. Recycled Rock sucks. Aquattro is so-so

Reality shows fined. Yay!

Oh boy oh boy, does this story ever make me happy. I hope this becomes such a big blow to Prima and Nova that they pull their lowest common denominator reality shows off the air.

I watched a bit of Big Brother while I was in Newcastle last year. It made my stomach turn. I caught a glimpse of the Slovak version and was treated to a beer-chugging contest between girls. I find the sight of girls puking incredibly revolting, terribly sad and slightly disturbing. Women are simply supposed to be classier than guys when it comes to drinking.

I don’t know who’s worse: the producers, the prats that “star” in the show, or the idiots that watch it. The whole lot of them should not be allowed to vote, drive cars, work in any position higher than middle management, and, most importantly, procreate

From the sounds of it, a “babyshambles” is a soiled diaper

I consider myself fairly well-versed and very open-minded when it comes to music. But I feel like I need a little guidance right now. Out of all the new stuff I’ve been listening to, I haven’t been all that impressed. It’s a sad state of affairs in the music industry when the most interesting stuff to hit the market over the last few months has come from rock and pop’s most formulaic band and its most derivative band.

With the exception of the White Stripes’ latest album (which I heard for the first time yesterday while playing Scrabble at Villa Incognito), none of the new rock I’ve listened to has lived up to fan and critical hype. I find Babyshambles very boring and can’t for the life of me understand why people are creaming themselves over human chem lab Pete Doherty. The Kaiser Chiefs are hella fun, but their songs all sound the same: like Pulp with a lot of screaming around the bridge. The Zutons are cool, but strike me as White Stripes Lite plus sax. I could go on, but I won’t. Any suggestions for new rock and pop acts to check out will be much appreciated.


Jitka got a bunch of free passes to the Aquattro Fitness Centre from a client. Aquattro is a sizeable complex on Politickych veznu, featuring a fitness and wellness centre, a beauty salon, and a cafe. The fact that it’s free is the only reason either of us would go there. The machines are state-of-the-art and fun to use, and the staff is fairly friendly, but the place is way too tiny for a proper workout. Don’t be fooled by the impressive photo gallery.

The little cardiovascular equipment they have (one cross-trainer, two stairmasters, one treadmill, and two or three exercise bikes) is crammed up beside the gym’s bar. Speaking of the bar, it’s very easy to trip as you’re walking past it owing to the slightly raised surface it is set on.

Then there’s the dry sauna. It’s very nice, new and relaxing, but it’s also a co-ed sauna. The last time I sat in a mixed-gender sauna was at the Factory Pro swimming pool here in Blackbridge. I didn’t take the big towel that I was offered at the cash desk and sat in the sauna on my own little towel buck naked. Two babes walked in. They both had their goodies covered in big cashdesk towels. Then two dudes walked in. Both covered from the waist down in big cashdesk towels. All four were kinda flirting, and looking over at me every now and again – I think I made a good icebreaker.

Now, I certainly have nothing to be ashamed of in the length and girth departments, but I had just been swimming, and everybody knows how that affects length and girth. To make a long story short (no pun intended) I got the hell out of that sauna pretty damn quick.

Nothing like that happened at Aquattro, but I’ll definitely be taking my bathing suit with me when I go there today.

If you’re not the kind of person who goes ballistic when your fitness routine is disrupted by others using the equipment you need, and if you don’t mind cold showers after your workout, then Aquattro may be worth paying for. However, I think I’ll stick with my local mom & pop gym once the freebies run out.

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  1. Yeah, pop music is a bit of a shithole right now. My favorite listening is old Coil and dub reggae (I’ll share Jah Division with you some time). In the pop realm, I would point you towards the Decemberists – especially the album Castaways and Cutouts.

    Not sure I can agree with you on the Coldplay front. X&Y is sure some catchy stuff, and musically they’re ace (if a little reliant on throwaway Radiohead-isms), but Mr. Martin is a dreadful lyricist.
    Bishop    Oct 7, 12:55    #
  2. Great minds think alike, Joey ;-) I’m of the same opinion about Mr. Martin’s lyrics. They are either oblique in a bad way or insultingly simple and are the one thing that have always held Coldplay back from perfection. That’s another problem I’ve always had with Coldplay – they’re just too damn perfect.

    Having said that, however, I find myself listening to X&Y at least once a day.

    Beaucoup thanks for the tips – I’ll go hunting for your recommendations on eMule. If anybody can point me in the direction of a superior P2P platform (or is it application or something else?), I’m all ears. I find it takes forever to get a lot of things through eMule.
    Patrick    Oct 7, 21:23    #
  3. I never really liked x&y till the day of the london bombings. At the end of his Radio 1 show, Zane Lowe (an otherwise prattish countryman of mine) exercised the rarest of DJ skills, restraint, and said something like: ‘I have no words for a day like this, so I’m going to play this, and I hope that you can find some peace’. And then he played Fix You. And it seemed to do the trick. Ever since then I’ve been listening to the album a hell of a lot. (There’s also a young lady I like a lot who loves it and when it comes to women I am nothing if not a sucker to their whims. There’s a certain self-denial in admitting you like Coldplay. It just doesn’t seem that cool… However I will never steep so low as to liking Dido.

    Can I point you in the direction of Arcade Fire? I have only heard a little bit, but what I’ve heard I’ve liked a lot. I’d say they sound like somebody else, or try to explain their sound but I fear I’d sound like a wanker, so I’m not going to.
    Richard    Oct 11, 09:03    #
  4. Ah, c’mon Richard, Dido’s got her moments – she was good enough for Mr. Mathers to sample… :-)

    Sounds like Zane Lowe closed his show with class on that terrible day. Fix You strikes me as being a very good choice – of course, lyrically it’s a little bit simple for my tastes, but very appropriate.

    I’ll check out Arcade Fire asap. I tried to get some Decemberists from eMule, but the pickings all had lousy bitrates :-(
    Patrick    Oct 12, 09:40    #