MOFFOM, OT, The Tulip Mutiny(?)

That’s MOFFOM, not MILF

Something tres cool is coming to town: from October 20 – 24 the Music on Film – Film on Music (MOFFOM) festival will feature a massive variety of documentaries, feature films, videos, concerts and much more. Judging by the posters for this year’s MOFFOM, as well as Coilin O’Connor’s article for Radio Praha, Prague’s music and film buffs are in for a real treat. Unfortunately MOFFOM’s official website doesn’t seem to allow visitors to pull up a list of all the films, shorts, etc. that will be screened.

The Oklahomo Trio revisited

So, le weekend. Friday was spent with Chris Parsons, aka Mr. Brindle. Mr. B and me went to see the Oklahomo Trio, who were performing at Shakespeare & Sons’ third anniversary party (pardon the bad grammar at the beginning of the sentence – the urge to rhyme struck hard).

I had only seen the Trio once before and was charmed immediately. Henrik’s cool simple guitar is a perfect companion for Ida’s heart-rending voice. The lyrics are still wonderful nonsense – not that Coldplay/lingua franca bullshit that I was complaining about recently, but pure poetry straight out of a beautiful soul.

In a way listening to the Trio has an element of drama – you feel like at any minute either Ida or Henrik is going to hit a bum note, as if they are right on the verge of stumbling out of tune. But they never do, they always deliver beautifully. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they can do should they decide to get electric. This band is way too good for Prague – they should try their luck in the UK. And come back to us for a visit from time to time, of course.

Strange things are afoot at the Tulip Cafe…

Having said all that, Mr. B and I left just before the end of the first set because we felt like talking, and that simply wasn’t doable in Shakes while the Trio was playing. Fair enough, but I also felt rude just standing up and going to the bar, which was an exercise in frustration because of the crowd. Speaking of the crowd, it felt terribly cliquey in Shakes on Friday, and it was kind of doing my head in. So, off we went to, surprise surprise, U Zpevacku.

On the way to UZ, we stopped by Tulip. The joint had been without power since Wednesday, but it was still pretty crowded with rather annoying people. The place was lit by a city of tea candles. On one table I noticed a small island of multi-coloured wax covered in ashes and studded with cigarette butts. I’m not really sure what’s going on there – something about unpaid bills, and it all has the air of some kind of staff mutiny. I’m not going to speculate further.

In conclusion, a public service announcement: Tonight’s Alchemy, featuring Paul Deblinger, will take place at the Globe Cafe. I may actually go to this one – at least if someone starts reading prose, in the Globe I can turn on my laptop and get some work done.

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