Tulip's powered up again. Last. Alchemy. Ever?

The situation at the Tulip Cafe remains unclear – at least amongst those of us chatting about it over beers at U Zpevacku. They got their power back yesterday, though somebody said something about the kitchen being closed. Losing Tulip would suck as much as losing Marquis. Hope things have been sorted out there.

Also got an odd sms from Bethany last night, asking me to come out to the Globe for what was supposedly the last Alchemy ever. I’ll post more when I know more. If it’s true, then the monthly Poezie a Provokace (Poetry and Provocation) readings will be the only game in town as far as expat poetry open mics go.

Please note that I said POETRY, not prose, not grocery lists, letters back home, letters to the editor, journal entries, or anything else that may be interesting on paper but glazed-eye-inducing when delivered orally. Once again, Poezie a Provokace is a POETRY open mic (btw, songs count as poetry).

Why the overkill? When I – no, wait, I just hosted and called a few people to cajole them into showing up, so Bethany deserves the props for it – put together the first PaP (no jokes, please) at NOD, despite the fact that we made it clear that it was to be poetry only, what did the first reader do? Abused the fact that a dearth of readers meant she could take the mic for as long as she wanted, and read intense stream-of-consciousness prose that diminished an already paltry crowd. Not cool.

Of course, I should have stepped up and nipped that in the bud, but I decided to be all Canadian about it and keep my mouth shut. Ah well…

Anyway. Tulip has power again, though apparently their kitchen is closed. I’m sure I’ll find out more today. If you’re in Prague, keep an eye out for flyers for the next PaP, which will take place later this month at Villa Incognito.

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  1. I don’t the guys name who owns Tulip now, but after the disasters of the Blue Valentines shows (running out of beer glasses, running out of beer, having the place too packed to serve anything else much less see or hear the band, and on the second event, the bartender packed up and went home leaving the bar open to anyone who wanted to fill their glass) as well as poisoning a few people on the same weekend RadostFX did, I predicted he’d give up losing money by January. Seems he has given up earlier and hasn’t paid his electricty bill or his staff.
    Mike    Oct 20, 08:41    #
  2. I heard something about the food poisoning at Radost a couple of days ago. Didn’t know it happened at Tulip. Too bad ‘cos Tulip used to be a cool place.

    I tried catching a BV show down in the lounge once. Did an about face after seeing the crowd. If I had spent five minutes in there I think I would have gone berserk.

    Radost leaves me cold. The service is snotty, the crowd is cliquey, the seating is uncomfortable for eating… the whole place gives this attitude of thinking it’s hot shit when it's really just plain shit adorned with toy jewelry. The club is deplorable – too small and full of wankers.

    Yes, I know I included it in the Restaurants & Clubs section here. Momentary lapse of reason, I guess. I have to make a number of changes to that section anyway.
    Patrick    Oct 20, 08:58    #