A little Blackbridge meandering

I’ve been working until the wee hours again, so this may go astray.

Last week I put in a couple of ten-hour days at Villa Incognito (which has a site that’s in serious need of updating considering all the cool events they’ve got going on – cool events that work keeps me from attending – movie nights, poetry open mics, music gigs, and so on). I drank whiskey and beer at Blind Eye to dull all the caffeine. Still smoking – a little less these days, still telling myself I gotta quit.

Been thinking about death a lot. I recently found out that one of my best childhood friends in Ottawa may be on the verge of being a widower. I’m not sure what to do. I haven’t spoken with him in over five years. What do I say?

How’s it going?

Guess what, Jitka, you remember her, well, Jitka and I are getting married. How’s your wife?

How are the kids?

Listen, I heard about‚?? I just want to say‚??

What do I say?

On Saturday Jitka went to see her cousin, who she calls her Sister, in Mnichov Hradiste. She’s married, has two kids. I had to work, so I stayed in. Work due Sunday, work due Monday, work due at the end of every goddamn day. But I love it because I can actually get a sense of what I’m working for. I never really got that when I did the nine-to-five. There was something about working office jobs that always made me feel nervous, like I didn’t belong there. And I could not have made that any more obvious.

But there were a few people who I felt were in the same frame of mind. Peter over at prague.tv is a prime example. When I was working at Cesky Telecom as the company’s Online Media Relations Specialist (how fuckin swank and made up is that title? I had to come up with something for the printers to print on my business cards and Specialist or Manager were rather flaccid), as I was saying, when I was Telecom’s Online Media Relations Specialist, it was up to me to deal with the company’s Internet publisher, Capitol.

I got driven. At the time, Cesky’s website is nothing but a long list of press releases. Not divided by categories, months, anything. I sorted all that out and added all kinds of journalist friendly features. I had a blast and got a bit too into it. I felt proud of what I was putting together, but took myself too seriously. I think Peter sussed that right away.

I don’t see him or any of the other Prague.tv dudes around all that often these days, but whenever I do it’s a good experience. I find it kind of funny, sort of sad and immensely ridiculous that a couple of writers whose work I’ve admired since I’ve been here are having a very personal, yet oddly civil, pissing match in one of the ptv forums. Makes me wonder if I’ve ever really been that bitter, pissed off or angry at anybody enough to argue with them in public. That kind of shit talk never resolves anything. I may bitch a lot here, but I get it off my chest and let it go. People can comment if they want, and if they get personal they get deleted, and that’s that.

Ptv is very cool that way. They don’t delete disses that cross lines, just move them into a dump for all to read separately. Try reading the dump on its own sometime. The end result is about as engaging and asinine as a flame war gets to be.

Now, I just finished searching for the web’s longest flame war and ended up killing an hour here – check it, it rocks. They should definitely have a “What Flame Warrior Are You?” quiz. I’d like to think I’m a Kung Fu Master, but I haven’t read all the warrior classes yet.

But this was about work and drinking and smoking and death and Jitka, and I’m running out of steam at 5:42 on a Monday morning. We’ll have a brand spankin new bed in less than five hours. I’ve got to get away from the Inspiron, rinse the caffeine out of my bones and teeth with a little sticky-icky-icky, and get a little shut-eye.

All things considered, not a bad weekend at all.

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  1. cau.
    look…call/write your friend. doesn’t matter what you say. having recently been there, done that (sort of), you would be surprised how many people don’t call. yeah, I’m sure you may be afraid that you’ll say the wrong thing – doesn’t matter. it’s not about you it’s about the other person. and let me tell you – he’s really gonna apreciate hearing from a friend. and one more thing, he will most likely keep a mental list of all the people that didn’t call – it’s the kind of thing that leaves a lasting impression. so call.
    none    Oct 24, 12:26    #