A Blind Eye Halloween and a CANZA bash at Fat Boy's Bar.

Holy crap, it just never endsā?? it’s good to be working a lot, but things seem to be spinning way out of control. I’ve stopped exercising, started chain smoking, cut down on my food intake, firing up my nerves with coffee then numbing them with beer and whiskey (something I never usually touch).

On Tuesday it was the Blind Eye Halloween party. My intentions were good – a beer, a Beam and beat a path back home, but then Steve, Becki and Mike (Freak Parade crew members) showed and my good intentions were shot to hell. So, I stuck around for a couple of joints and several hits off a pipe that supposedly had belonged to Motorhead. I can’t remember who said that, and I’m not sure I believe it, but it was a nice pipeā??

So, I went from blazing up to boozing with the biz caz (as in “business casual”) set. Last night started with a couple of beers at Chateau before heading over to Fat Boy’s Bar across the street for a CANZA mixer. I’m not really into the whole networking thing – these kinds of functions have a worse bullshit stink than that of a ballcap and bimbo bar. I mainly went to hang with my mate Oliver, and to get paid for a press release I did for CANZA’s upcoming charity ball (November 26, the same day as Freak Parade’s next Prague gig). Not a bad bar – cute bespectacled barmaids, a surly Slovak barman (who, to his credit, was pretty cool about Oliver and his friend Dominik’s rather intense play-fighting), weak Long Island Ice Teas – but definitely not the kind of place I would make a regular haunt.

And I’ll probably be out again tonight, as Maria, an English friend of mine and Jitka’s from our ELI days, is arriving in Prague this afternoon and will be staying with us until Sunday.

ELI… ah, that takes me back… some day I’ll have to do a bit of reminiscing here about my teaching days. The school sure wasn’t using its current slogan, “With Our Key We Will Even Open Your Tongue”.

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