Another working weekend

It’s 5:35 on a Monday morning and I can’t sleep. It’s been like this for the past week and it’s kinda bothering me. I used to be so good at sleeping in. I also used to be a great slacker.

Workaholism has made bad hosts out of Jitka and me. Our friend Maria arrived in Prague on Wednesday. I was an hour late picking her up at the airport, which was kind of a sign of things to come. We went to U Zpevacku, where our conversation kept getting interrupted by Huggy, who felt the need to weigh in on everything we were talking about. It was pretty rude of him, but I couldn’t bring myself to say anything about it because UZ is that kind of place – everybody’s in on your conversation if the place isn’t crowded. Which, at the end of the day, isn’t such a bad thing, I suppose.

Chris showed up a bit later, followed by Jitka. We ordered some pizzas from Popo Cafe Petl across the road and had a bit of a feast. Jeff came round and we caught up. We really need to get our hands on some rehearsal space – not to mention time. As far as creative endeavours go, all I’ve done recently has been some lyrics for a guy whose music I’m not all that crazy about. He wants me to do more for him, but I’m just not feeling it.

Anyway, Maria came back to ours and stayed for two of the four nights she had planned on spending with us. This was because on Thursday Jitka and I spent the whole day working in the bedroom – I had gotten up at 6 to finish a rush job that was due that morning, and kept working in bed until something like noon. Maria didn’t leave the flat that day, and we felt rather ashamed, but there wasn’t much we could do – we simply can’t afford to take that much time off right now.

In the evening, Jitka went to do aerobics, taking Maria with her. I was supposed to catch up with them, but I was so overtired that I ended up going to the wrong fitness centre; we’ve got two near our place – I went to the one that I work out at, Jitka and Maria went to one that’s in a school. As a result, Maria was left waiting outside the school, in a very badly lit area that’s not exactly the kind of place a woman should be walking alone in.

Meanwhile, idiot me was walking around the complex where I thought Jitka was working out, popping into its three bars, drinking beer and wondering where Maria could have gone off to. The girls were a bit too forgiving when we all met up afterwards – at least they behaved that way. I can’t say I blame Maria for deciding to stay at Chris’ instead

The next day was more of the same – all work. Actually, Jitka went out in the evening. I was supposed to join her then hook up with Maria and Chris but got stuck working until 11 pm. On a Friday night. Damn, I thought, there really is something wrong with me.

After the same old same old on Saturday, together with a nap and a trip to IKEA to say hi to a friend and see her baby, we finally got out of Blackbridge to go to Akropolis. There was some crap Slovak “funk” band playing – Akrop had a lot of nerve charging even CZK 20 for this drivel. CE European funk is a genre of its own – limp, uninspired brass, godawful lyrics in godawful pidgin English, dull impotent rhythms, paper-thin disposable guitar licks. Jitka and I lasted about two minutes before saying “Fuck this” and parking our asses in the Divadelni Bar.

It was a good thing we got there early to grab a table for our crew, as the whole joint was heaving within a couple of hours (after the band had stopped playing, natch). I had the pleasure of running into’s Jeff and he filled me in on what went down at Blind Eye over the Halloween weekend. A group of about ten cowardly fuckwits stormed the place in ski masks and armed with baseball bats and a pickaxe. They blinded the crowd (something like ten people) by spraying fire extinguishers then proceeded to trash the place. I guess the damage couldn’t have been too bad – I was there on Halloween and the place looked fine and I heard no mention of the incident. But, come to think of it, I do remember wondering why there was cardboard instead of glass in the front doors.

Ok, so it’s now 6:25 a.m. I’m seriously jonesing for a cigarette. Even though I know I really should not start the day with one (I’ve been having chest pains again), I also know that I will go into the bedroom, get my jacket, go to the balcony and feed this goddamn monkey to kick off another day of translating history essays and pornography.

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