Czech Sex and What's New at Prague Spot

Fresh from the Prague Monitor Czechs have more sex than Italians. The article makes no mention of Canada’s screwing stats, while the only thing that’s said about the States is that most Americans have had their cherries popped in the back seats of cars.

And, as the old saying goes, now that I’ve got your attention… if you’re looking for some new desktop wallpaper, Prague Spot now gives you the opportunity to spruce up your desktop background with some top-shelf pictures of Prague. Photos of such attractions as Charles’ Bridge, Old Town Square, and, of course, Prague Castle are all available for downloading in several resolutions. Check out for more details.

Ever frozen your drunken ass off while trying to find a decent park bench to sleep on in the wee hours of an Antarcticly cold January morning in Prague? Neither have I, but if you’re planning on coming to Prague for New Year’s Eve 2005/6 and haven’t booked your accommodation yet, you could find yourself in such a situation—unless you keep reading and act now. Several of Prague’s hotels, hostels and pensions still have vacancies for you last-minute types. You can make your reservations quickly and easily at This is rather exceptional, as most places in the Czech capital are usually fully booked for New Year’s Eve by this time. And good bench space can be mighty hard to find.

And finally, we here at Prague Spot are now compiling the cream of the Prague blog crop, along with a few news feeds, at Sources include a little something called hot pornstars, which doesn’t exactly deliver what its title promises, but is good for a laugh (and probably very good for traffic). Here’s a sample:

??We adopted Briana Banks last year, not even an entire year after adopting our yellow lab. It was a real labor of love, adopting this dog that we found on, because we had to do a lot of paperwork and agree to drive down to Ft Lauderdale to ‘meet’ Aria Giovanni, with no guarantee that we would be allowed to adopt her at that time.

If you find that confusing, just mosey on over to hot pornstars to get a better idea of what’s going on there (safe for work, though the links at hot pornstars definitely aren’t).

I believe that’s enough copywriting for one day. Now back to translating.

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