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It was a slow day in the press department. I was on my third John Belushi special (JBS – instant coffee dissolved in filtered joe) and still sleeping like a fish in front of my monitor. I decided to type random words, followed by .com, into my browser. The first of these, “crank,” led me to, the online version of a zine written, published and distributed by Jeff Koyen.

The fury and humour in his writing perked me up immediately. It moved me to write more openly and honestly, and to quit my 4-JBS-a-day office job and start working for myself rather than for shareholders and governmental fat cats. To this day I still go to to get fired up and have a good laugh. is now a tomb of seven .pdf’s and a couple of links to more recent writings for the New York Press (where Koyen is now Editor-in-Chief). With more poetic vitriol than all of Eminem’s catalogue, Koyen’s writing comes at you like a pair of brass knuckles trimmed with broken-glass; his is a wake-up call to arms pumped through an air-raid siren set at eleven.

In 2002, Jeff was part of Prague’s expat scene, where he wrote and edited for the now-defunct Prague Pill. I was fortunate enough to meet with him on a number of occasions; he’s intense, opinionated and sincere, and he is one of the most open people I’ve ever met. To some, his work may seem self-indulgent at times, but as he bares his soul (just take a look at Koyen’s entries in another one of his own projects at, he often touches on something universal that shoves the reader into action or, at least, reaction.

For a souped-up nitro-boosted alternative to your usual Sunday routine, fill your head with some

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