World of Warcraft woes

The weekend started off very nicely – a day of shopping for office furniture on Friday, Saturday was spent working, and yesterday was relatively chill yet productive. However, I also experienced a most frustrating introduction to the World of Warcraft.

I spent some time at Peter’s place on Thursday to get an idea of what the game was like. It was kinda funny to watch him multitask as he spoke with other players on his headset, maneuvered his character, chatted online, and spoke with me. The fact that Peter is a Guild Master made this even more interesting, as it got me thinking about how much project management experience you can rack up playing WoW.

I was convinced enough to buy the game and a sixty day game card. I loaded the 4 CDs last night. An extremely lengthy process. Then came time to register with an authentication key. I don’t know how many times I tried the key that came with the game – the WoW account creation application kept rejecting it. Which, of course, was insanely frustrating, especially considering I was stoned and got to see the incredible cinematic prelude to the game. There doesn’t seem to be any support for the Czech Republic, and the webform at the WoW site doesn’t work for me. Not a good first impression.

And I thought Steam was badâ??

Update: damn, do I feel stupid. I read the WoW key wrong last night. Though Blizzard is sort of to blame for printing the key badly. Anyway, I’m now in the game…

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  1. OMG tell me about it iâ??m trying to find an asnwer to that exact same problem right as i am typing and stumbled upon this place, itâ??s doing my head in every time i type the pass for world of warcraftâ??s authentication itâ??s one key too short ArghhhHHHHH.

    Chris    Feb 21, 04:59    #
  2. One key too short? Damn Chris, I hope things work out for you. As I mentioned in my update my problem was a badly printed key that made one of the numbers look like a letter (or vice-versa – I can’t remember the details).

    This game is more addictive and consuming than I thought… Part of me wishes I hadn’t got it, to be honest…

    Patrick    Feb 21, 07:23    #