New Years 2006

Happy 2006, hope you had a good Silvestr (New Years’ Eve). Ours kicked off in a predictably nerve-wracking manner – fireworks and firecrackers whizzing, whistling and banging throughout Blackbridge. It was a relief to get out of the flat to celebrate this year; there was no way I wanted a repeat of Silvestr 2005.

Jitka and I rang in the New Year with Roxy Lenka and her man Tomas at a party in Bubenec, where our mate Chris Chemist was spinning with five or six other DJs. The party was held at a photo atelier situated in the midst of a factory-lined street. The walk to the place was very pleasant; lots of distant crackers and works going off in the distance, the odd roman candle in the middle of a park, but nothing idiotic.

The party itself was great – simple, chill, bangin’ music, lively crowd. As it was BYOB, there was no dealing with bar queues. Chemist was the only person we knew there, which suited us fine, as we weren’t in the mood to talk with fucked up children. I’m so bloody tired of the “Where are you from?” Q&A that I don’t even have to answer the first question before people realize I’m not in the mood for bullshit conversation. For instance, while we were leaving, I was accosted by a bombed b-boy who, after I muttered I was from Canada, said, “Ah, I know you don’t want to talk to me. I was just speaking to you to practice my English.” Jitka reckoned this was a diss; I told her that I really couldn’t give a damn about some wise-ass kid I’m probably never going to see again in my life.

With that in mind, I suppose the party kinda made me feel a bit old; watching kids who were still learning how to drink and smoke dope and take whatever else they were taking got me feeling a bit nostalgic and glad to have more or less gotten the need to get wasted out of my system (not that I still don’t get blotto from time to time, mind you). I felt compelled to make a few resolutions which I’ll keep to myself, as I don’t normally make resolutions and don’t want to jinx them by making them public.

After sort of recovering the day after, we went to watch the City of Prague’s official New Years fireworks. We stood out in front of the Hotel Intercontinental, near Cechuv Most, where the view was supposed to be the best according to Jitka’s mother. I don’t doubt her at all, but the view sucked terribly. Owing to either weather or shite planning, the throngs at Cechuv Most were “treated” to a massive smoke display with colourful back lighting and a whole lot of roman candles. The crowd just watched in silence – no “Ooos”, “Aahs” or “Yeahs”, only a little polite applause at the end of the “show”. Better luck next year, Prague.

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