A few top "Prague Spots"

I don’t think I’ve ever done a list in this blog, and it’s a bit late to be doing a “Top x Whatevers of 2005”. But seeing as I’m still waking up and I can’t really keep nicking entries from the Prague Monitor (which is, incidentally, Prague’s Top Online News Source of 2005 IMO), here goes (until Jitka wakes up and we get back to translating history essays):

Top Cafe for Laptop Internet Usage and Private English Lessons: Villa Incognito Cafe

This cool little Vinohrady cafe is heaven for lappy owners and ESL teachers and their students, as well as those who just want to chill over tea, or engage in coffee-fueled conversation. The cafe’s owners and staff are among the nicest people you’re going to meet in Prague. Villa Incognito is currently home to the Poezie a Provokace poetry open mic (second and fourth Sunday of every month, next one takes place January 8, start: 7 pm) and is open to hosting readings, small concerts, movie nights and a variety of other events.

Top Cheers Substitute: U Zpevacku

Every drinker in every city has one – yes, a bar “where everybody knows your name”. Well, maybe not everybody, but the staff and the regulars will certainly make you feel welcome. Veteran expats and a many a local will tell you that this cozy little watering hole used to be more Trainspotting (the book, not the movie) than Cheers, but don’t worry – the joint is Begbie-free, and actually has its own Cliff Claven of sorts (sorry, no names, you’ll just have to find out who I’m talking about for yourself).

Top Bar to Kill Time in While Waiting for the Metro to Start Up: Batalion

Batalion is not the kind of place that you actually plan to go to, you just kind of end up there (and often spend part of the day after wondering how you ended up there, and, plausibly, how you got home). I spent a lot of time in Prague’s “Hard Rock Cafe” when Jitka was in America. It’s everything a rock bar should be: loud, dirty, stupid and a whole lot of drunken fun. This is part of why it makes the list. ‘nuff said.

Top Blackbridge Eatery: Pizzerie Violete

Forget about the pizzas. The lasagna and the tomato soup are the only things on the menu that I find worth ordering, and Jitka is never all that thrilled about her meals at this Prague 9 pizzeria. The service is friendly but, with the exception of one waitress, rather slow. The Stella Artois is always a crisp cold delight, but the coffee is dull face-screwing sludge. So why do we keep going back? Because in Blackbridge, it’s the only place other than McDonald’s, KFC and That Arabic Joint in the Mall that’s worth our hard-earned korunas.

Well, Jitka’s up now, so that brings this little list to an end for now. I am open to requests and suggestions for other top places. For a couple more “Best of Prague” lists, check Prague.tv’s series.

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  1. This month in easy jet magazine Mailsi restaraunt was featured, it’s a Pakistani restaraunt.

    I think the address is available at prague . tv

    it had a very good review on it. I’ve never tried it, have any of you??
    random    Jan 4, 18:23    #