Nodding off and toning up with Lush

Iā??ve had insomnia all week and I donā??t know what to do about it. Perhaps itā??s because of a few of my New Years resolutions – quit (or at least cut back on) smoking cigarettes, smoke less Indo, drink less coffee and booze, and all that predictable lifestyle-changing jazz. Maybe itā??s because I spend most of the day staring at a monitor. It could be owing to stress, possibly itā??s cabin fever and the accompanying boredom. The cat jumping on the bed at unpredictable intervals sure doesnā??t help.

Nevertheless, I am feeling a little more rested and a lot more clear-headed in comparison to the way I felt at the end of 2005. And I donā??t know whether Iā??m just a sucker for good advertising or if the stuff really works, but I had great dreams when I used the Lush Dream Time temple balm that I got Jitka for Xmas. I didnā??t use it this past week since I donā??t really like using gifts that Iā??ve given to her. Iā??d consider buying my own, but those Lush pricesā?? I thought Body Basics (the Czech equivalent of The Body Shop) was expensive ā?? Lush is simply outrageous.

With the prices that it charges, Lush can certainly afford to pay the rent at its shop on Kaprova 13/14, within walking distance of Old Town Square. The shop is quite small, but packed with style and a heady blend of scents that are invigorating, calming, intoxicating, deliciousā?? the list of adjectives is practically endless. Lush is a rush – its prices are the comedown. That little tin of Dream Time temple balm alone cost something like CZK 250. Bath bombs, soaps, shower jellies and other unpackaged products are weighed and wrapped or boxed like goods you buy at a greengrocerā??s or a delicatessen ā?? and priced like foods that one would feed heads of state and royalty.

Are Lush products worth their high price tags? Well, the Smitten hand cream, Skin Sin body lotion, and Breath of Fresh Air skin toner have been a huge hit with Jitka, and I overheard a couple of ladies raving about Lush products while at Villa Incognito one day. Personally, Iā??m pretty intrigued by the place, partly because itā??s so original, partly because itā??s a nice shop to browse in, and partly because I suppose I really am a sucker for great marketing. At the risk of sounding, well, camp, perhaps a Lush Dream Time luxury bath melt is what I need to cure this bout of insomnia. Then again, I still have a jointā??s worth of chronic somewhere in the flatā??yeahā?? a spliff, a bath and a shag. Looks like Iā??ve got my Saturday night sorted. Nothing camp about that.

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