Boys in Action and a sunset question

Boys in Action

I‚??ve probably taken the piss out of Czech cooking shows on a few occasions here in the blog. Sure the sets look slick enough, and the equipment is all shiny, smooth and scrape-free, but the meals tend to look worse than those leftovers that have been ignored for the last month or two – often justifiably.

Czech TV meals are a little too realistic in treating viewers to the sight of pub lunch‚?? um‚?? specials. Plates full of sustenance that is greasy, lumpy, fatty and just plain nasty. And brown. Just like when first-graders mix all their watercolours together, no matter what Czech TV chefs throw into the mix, unless they‚??re making (lumpy) mashed potatoes, chances are it will turn out brown.

Last week, Jitka and I tuned into this new (at least I think it‚??s new) show called Boys in Action ( Kluci v Akci – I‚??ll leave the wisecracks in your hands, dear reader). It seems like a Czech Jamie Oliver knock-off, and it also seems like the show‚??s Boys, Filip and Ondra, can actually cook. And they‚??re not afraid of moving outside the brown segment of the colour spectrum.
Czech Television's Boys in Action
The show appears to be a hit with viewers ‚?? of the 11683 votes that the show has received on its web page, an overwhelming majority (83%) have given it an ‚?úExcellent‚?Ě rating.

Jitka got inspired by last week‚??s episode and decided to try her hand at preparing the Boys‚?? Curry Sauce and Exotic Cous-Cous (the recipe‚??s in Czech, I‚??ll translate it on request). The cous-cous kicked ass, even without the maple syrup. The sauce‚?? well, Czech curry powder leaves a hell of a lot to be desired, but fortunately Jitka managed to save it. Here’s how to make the sauce work – use an imported curry paste instead.

Sunset in July?

Quick question for y‚??all ‚?? Jitka and I plan on getting married at Zvikov Chateau at sunset in mid-July. Problem is that neither of us are sure what time the sun goes down in the Czech Republic in mid-July. We reckon around 8-9pm, but one tends to forget things like that at this cold, dark time of the year‚?? Anyway, any help in this matter will be much appreciated.

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  1. I think the times listed here are for full dark, so you might want to give it some leeway.

    Congrats on the whole wedded bliss thingy!

    Bishop    Jan 11, 11:21    #
  2. Beacoup thanks Joey! :-)



    Patrick    Jan 12, 09:09    #