Tom's Hardware Guide's oil-cooled PC

While doing research for my new desktop, I got rather addicted to Tom’s Hardware Guide. In fact, these days I check in at THG more often than I check faves like The Onion, Fark and ebaum’s world.

Not only are the reviews thorough and top-shelf, they cater to everyone – from the mildly curious through those who need to sort out a problem with their rig to the hardcore DIY enthusiasts. And THG’s complete overhaul, which took place a couple of months ago, has made the site indespensable for beginners and geeks alike.

Here’s why I’m writing about THG today: this crazy alternative cooling system used in THG’s latest DIY project. It’s fanless and doesn’t require water – only 8 gallons of cooking oil.
THG's deep-fried PC

Jan 11, 12:24 (Filed under: Technology )

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