Another tourist warning: Prague taxis

Nice to see that many of Prague‚??s dregs are still getting licenses to drive taxis. If you need a taxi in Prague, even if you‚??re amidst a sea of available cabs, do what I do – call AAA Radiotaxi on 222 333 222. The cabbies are polite, the operators speak English and, most importantly, they won‚??t rip you off.

AAA‚??s my personal fave, but Halotaxi and Profitaxi also have very good reputations. The point is, don‚??t hail cabs in Prague ‚?? make the call and wait the extra five to ten minutes for your cab to show up.

Now, what I‚??d like to know is when the hell is the City of Prague actually going to do something about the thugs who make a living out of ripping off tourists?

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