Prague Hip-Hop folk and spots: Inside Kru, Soft Bellies, Cross Club

Holy crap, has it already been 6 days? Last week was fairly action-packed, though my mind was working in bullet-time for most of it.

Things started off great last Monday with a kickass performance at Roxy by Prague‚??s Inside Kru, a fresh hip-hop outfit that has instilled my faith in Czech hip-hop. Finally, CZ hip-hop with hooks that take the listener by surprise! More importantly, CZ hip-hop that doesn‚??t simply loop the same bloody hook for five minutes while an MC (or MCs) spits without pause. Inside Kru throws down feelgood chronic sonic science straight out of the school of DJ Shadow with flows almost as rich, lush and smooth as those stamped with MC Solaar’s majestic talents. Check them out the next time you get the chance ‚?? find out when and where those chances are here.

Staying on a hip-hop tip, another two places worth mentioning in this entry are Soft Bellies and Cross Club. Soft Bellies is a newcomer to Prague‚??s bar scene. Located on the corner of Biskupska and Biskupsky Dvur, this restaurant/pub tends to get packed pretty quickly with a young, lively mostly expat crowd. The atmosphere is friendly, owing in part to the regulars but mostly to the owner and the staff. The food is great, especially the chicken toasts ‚?? not your standard slim square fare, but a big honkin double-decker with cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato and, gasp, bacon. And not those strips of fat that the supermarkets try to pass off as ‚?úEnglish bacon‚?Ě, but real strips of juicy meat, fried to perfection.

Soft Bellies was where Jitka, myself and a group of friends kicked off Friday night. We then moved on to Cross Club, which is stunning in terms of size, interior design and music (more Dub, Jungle and Raggae flavoured). Although we managed to find a table big enough to accommodate our crew, a walkabout amongst the throngs downstairs nixed any thoughts of dancing. If squirming and pinballing your way through a crowd of wasted kids all night is your idea of a good time, then Cross Club is a great place to be. That‚??s not really as bad as it sounds ‚?? the place looks phenomenal and it takes less time to get served at one of the clubs bars than one would expect in such a crowd. How good does it look? Words fail me. It’s better if you see for yourself, without checking the gallery at the club’s website. For Cross Club’s location look here

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