Shaking the dew off the louie in Prague

On account of the Antarctic conditions in Prague I didn‚??t leave the flat this weekend. Well, I did a bit of shopping, but other than that Jitka and I just chilled with a generous helping of Hollywood ‚?? watched the first two Godfathers (two movies that stand up to numerous screenings), as well as Mission: Impossible 2 (saw it in Czech, will have to rent it ‚?? I‚??d sort of forgotten how much fun stupid over-the-top action flicks can be) and 28 Days (again in Czech ‚?? I’m not a Sandra Bullock fan, so I’ve got no comment, otherwise I’ll start getting mean).

Since I don‚??t really have anything to write about from the weekend, there‚??s something left over from last week that I didn‚??t get around to mentioning. It occurred when Jitka and I were on our way back from Pizza (bleagh) West. As we were going down the escalator to the Karlovo Namesti metro station, we saw a guy pissing in a corner, right beside a tabak – or was it a bakery? Not sure now. Anyway, he was pissing inside the station.

Jitka half yelled “Jezise kriste, to je prase!” (Jesus Christ, that‚??s a pig!) so that the guy could hear her, and I informed him that there was a perfectly good park just upstairs.

Now, I‚??ve done my fair share of pissing in public, but I always make a point of doing so in areas that are somewhat concealed. When in town, I use the facilities in malls or McDonalds. If I have to take a leak in a bar or restaurant WC, I make a point of ordering a coffee or a beer or something in return for the privilege. At the risk of sounding all high and mighty, I do so mainly out of common courtesy, but also because of the fact that I know it‚??s disgusting and I know that passersby will think, and even say, “Jezise kriste, to je prase!”

OK, OK, there was this one time, something like five years ago, when a Prague 1 resident bellowed and cussed at me because I was pissing on the side of a building across the street from his. But this was at something like four a.m., after having had a few beers after finishing a long shift tending bar at Jo‚??s, when the streets were dark and bare. Czech guys, and a number of Czech girls, have absolutely no shame when it comes to this. I can kind of understand it in the villages, but in Prague?

This phenomenon definitely dates back to their childhood. Stay in Prague long enough and you will eventually be treated to the sight a young mother holding her child up over a sewer grate on a busy street, trousers and pants down so the kid can take a leak ‚?? right in front of a bloody McDonald‚??s.

And hey, I know it sucks to have to pay to drain the main vein (or the‚?? hm, I can‚??t think of a relatively non-vulgar euphemism for the female bits‚?? sorry), but for chrissake, five koruna‚??s not going to break the goddamn bank.

So, yeah, it was a slow weekend and it‚??s almost lunchtime and my mind is way underclocked this morning, so that‚??s today‚??s entry.

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