Fatty Lumpkin Interview

Well, I’m a bit late with this (the Lumpkins’ most recent gig was last week), but prague.tv is giving Prague’s hardest-working rock band Fatty Lumpkin some much overdue exposure.

I’m not sure about what’s happening with their line-up – I know that Fatty’s bass player Joe Cooper is back in Prague, but I’ve heard nothing from sax player/singer Lord Nelson and drummer Uria Kormerchero. If the original quartet is back in action, pay attention: the last time I bumped into guitarist Ladi Kolsky, he told me that Fatty Lumpkin will not be doing the insane amount of shows they did last year in order to concentrate on recording.

In 2005, Fatty Lumpkin was practically a staple of Prague’s live music scene. I’m sure there were times when you could catch them in town (or at least on Prague’s outskirts) seven days a week. Two of the best shows they played were at Rock Cafe and Akropolis – at the latter show the folks in the front row (including myself) were pounding their hands on the stage for an encore after 10 pm (shows at Akropolis have to stop at that time owing to Prague’s noise bylaw). My hands were aching for days after that, but it was worth it as we coaxed one more jam out of them.

One thing that draws Fatty Lumpkin the odd diss is the fact that their jams go on forever. Well, no shit, they’re a jam band! And a damn good one at that. Here’s hoping that 2006 brings them much deserved success – not only because they deserve it, but also because I’ll get even better bragging rights (I’ve performed with Nelson, Ladi and Joe, and rehearsed in a few of Uria’s rehearsal studios).

Supposedly their January 26 gig at Rock Cafe was to be their only one in Prague, but I kind of doubt that. Check the Fatty Lumpkin website (currently under construction) for updates.

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  1. Bit late? The article was posted on January 25th.

    Sam Beckwith    Feb 3, 10:54    #
  2. Ooops… my bad. Thanks Sam.

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