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I have definitely overextended myself. Leaving Prague 9 is something I do grudgingly these days, and that kind of bothers me. I‚??m not really in the mood for Prague‚??s nightlife ‚?? hell, any nightlife, in part because of work, in part because I‚??m comfortable out here in the ‚??burbs (a bit too comfortable ‚?? though not really overly melodramatic Fitter Happier comfortable), but mostly because I‚??m not feeling well and am still trying to quit smoking. I made it five days last week before allowing myself to be badgered into going to Strelice u Brna. That is a trip I will not be making again for a long while ‚?? the novelty of parking my ass in the Pub by the Train Station and getting absolutely blotto on any given night of the week got boring long ago.

So, like I said, I‚??ve been feeling a bit under the weather. Not surprising considering the amount of smog we get out here in Prague 9 (yes, I know I’m repeating myself – but it’s really that bad), my blossoming World of Warcraft addiction (especially bad since I discovered the joys of making virtual coin at the Darnassus Auction House) and the fact that I‚??ve been living off of frozen pizza, chocolate and multivitamin tablets these days. Oh yeah, that reminds me, Super Size Me has finally come to Prague.

I suppose I‚??ll have to see the flick, just because there‚??s been so much talk about it. Though I can‚??t understand why ‚?? everybody knows how bloody unhealthy McDick‚??s food is, so what is the attraction of watching a perfectly healthy man poison himself in order to illuminate the obvious?

Then again, I’m one of those folks who can spend hours watching people do the most imbecilic shit over at ebaum’s world. Eating nothing but Mickey Dees for a month is about as imbecilic as it gets. I’m sure it’ll be less stomach-churning than watching homeless people punch the crap out of each other.

And now, in a Czech cinematic equivalent of the bad Czech cover song*, one Karel Gustav Bozan is participating in a documentary about the perils of Czech pub food called Super Spek Me.


What does this dude expect to accomplish? Everybody knows what can come of a one-month diet of nothing but the lowest-grade cuts of beef and pork, factory-farmed chicken, steamed dumplings, sauerkraut, deep-fried whatever, pickled this and that, snout-bone-and-entrail sausages, lard and onion on black bread, beer and Czurkish coffee. Internal breakdowns, meltdowns and corrosion, together with the added bonuses of getting fat and stinking like a pub 24/7.

But of course I‚??m probably going to go see the freakshow and the film on March 8 “in Kino Aero, where Karel will eat his last sausage, if he‚?? survives the experiment!” If I can motivate myself enough to get my ass out of Blackbridge.

*In case you‚??re wondering why I posted that link, young Ms. Vondrackova‚??s appalling cover of Bonnie Tyler‚??s I Need a Hero has been getting some much undeserved (and unwanted) radio play as of late.

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  1. oh my oh my…. seems someone has been on abit of a downer the last couple of months.

    Eat some fruit and veg boy and get yourself out in the fresh air instead of eating rubbish food and watching crap movies!


    Your mum

    coco    Feb 14, 16:02    #
  2. To neni bad food ale bad drogy.

    — Honza    Feb 14, 16:51    #
  3. Thanks for caring coco… My mum, eh? Hmmm….

    Yes, Honza, you’re right. Very bad drogy.


    Patrick    Feb 14, 21:05    #