Torino 2006 in Prague

Enough with the cinema for now. How about TV? Iā??m not a big fan of the Olympics, but it is nice to watch the games every now and again in the pub, or having them on as background noise at home. In Prague, most pubs with TVs will just leave the games running. I have no idea whatā??s going on in football, but Iā??m sure that Prague sports bars like Jagrā??s and my personal favourite, Zlata Hvezda (Iā??m not really a sports bar kind of guy, but the prices, the atmosphere and the waitresses at Zlata Hvezda work for me) have a balance of footie and Torino 2006 action.

It goes without saying that ice hockey matches between the Czechs and anyone else will pull in crowds at any Prague bar with a boob tube. Iā??m not sure Iā??ll watch the February 21 match between Canada and the Czech Republic. I tend to get a bit overemotional and Iā??m not sure why. Perhaps itā??s something in the blood. Perhaps itā??s because I donā??t want to experience this crap again.

I must say, however, that I found this article very pleasant reading. Of course, it is likely that no Czech hockey fan will heed The Dominatorā??s warning ā?? which will make Canadian gold in menā??s (and womenā??s) ice hockey that much sweeterā??

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