Cool ad

A very brief entry today: why don’t Czech ad agencies make advertisements that are as cool as this one? This is not a matter of budgets, it’s a matter of imagination.

Feb 23, 10:01 (Filed under: Prague media, Other )

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  1. Hi Patrick- I googled Tony Wrafter’s name and your blog was the first enty- lol! Have you ever googled that dude? There are oodles of entries on him! I had no idea he was a founding member of Glaxo Babies and Maximum Joy! I’m rather impressed with myself for having befriended him…

    x10 w8    Feb 23, 20:52    #
  2. Kristen? Is that you? How’re things in America?

    I googled Tony after reading your comment. Indeed, this entry topped the list. So, I guess I’m pretty impressed with myself as well. Though I have to admit that the names Glaxo Babies and Maximum Joy don’t ring any bells… I’m probably missing out.

    I’m kinda inspired now, thinking about it… one of these days I’ll put a few of them Drift mp3’s on the blog, including the one with Tony on sax and Jeni Swerdlow on percussion.

    Patrick    Feb 24, 13:59    #