Getting out of Blackbridge

Today, for the first time in something like a week (if not more), Iā??m going to leave Prague 9. Not by choice, but because Iā??ve got some pretty important paperwork to take care of. If it were up to me, Iā??d definitely stay in bed ā?? in part because I donā??t feel like going into town, and in part because Iā??ve got a problem with my right knee.

Itā??s ridiculous ā?? some kind of work-related injury caused by too much time spent sitting on the sofa typing away on the notebook (ok, not just working, but getting my druid Patjah up to level 28; check him out at my guildā??s website, if youā??re into that kind of thing).

Anyway, Iā??ve been hobbling around the flat like a B-movie zombie, missing out on all kinds of action. I feel like I should feel bad about not immersing myself in Pragueā??s nightlife, but for some reason I donā??t. I suppose the way I walk isnā??t the only manner in which Iā??ve zombified myself.

Thereā??s another reason I havenā??t been going out ā?? detox. While I had a couple of beers last weekend, I havenā??t touched any kind of smoke, booze or coffee for about three weeks now. I have developed an addiction to English breakfast tea, which is probably worse for me than coffee, but aside from the knee I am feeling somewhat better these days. However, in a way Iā??ve been putting off going into town, especially going to bars, because I donā??t want to have to deal with the cravings for smoke and alcohol right now.

Mar 3, 07:50 (Filed under: Personal )

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  1. You must to write and you will feel more better.

    — Honza    Mar 3, 09:42    #
  2. Sorry to hear about the knee – a whole lotta no fun that. OTOH, go you with the alcohol, tobacco and other kava. You will be so far ahead of the game with those outta your system. (Mind you, one night in the right club and you’ll feel you’ve smoked a pack anyway. Had this happen again at SpermFest last weekend.)

    Bishop    Mar 3, 13:04    #
  3. No way English Breakfast tea’s WORSE for you than coffee. Antioxidants and all.

    richard    Mar 3, 16:06    #
  4. How is tea worse for you? That doesn’t sound right at all.

    Know your pain, currently nursing a shoulder injury which means no working out (not even yoga or running) for at least another week. It sucks.

    coco    Mar 7, 14:54    #
  5. I just reckoned that black tea is worse because it supposedly has more caffeine than coffee. Just a matter of me not fact-checking, ’s all.

    Actually, I’m not even drinking tea these days for fear of aggravating this damn knee, which has swollen to nearly twice the size of my healthy knee. I am so not looking forward to going to the doctor’s in a few hours…

    See the time by my signature? It’s actually an hour ahead – the real time as I write this is just after 5 a.m. I’m still working now. Grrr…. Can’t even think of a witty remark re. Mr. Bishop’s attendance at a SpermFest…

    Patrick    Mar 8, 04:08    #