Boulevard Crocodile. Jam session at Ridgeback

The only bonus about having to run out to Hradcanska (for a new passport) and Dejvicka (to get health insurance) has been being able to do lunch at Boulevard Crocodile. Thatā??s about as thrilling as my trips downtown get these days.

Well, thereā??s also the joy of the B-line. Quite a while back I clipped and pasted a chat that Jitka C. and I had about grabbing and keeping a seat on the metro (unfortunately I canā??t find the article as the archives in this blog are still a nuisance to wade through ā?? my apologies). I think about that chat a lot while on the metro these days. Because of my bum knee Iā??m not able to sit without extending my right leg, something that simply canā??t be done on a crowded metro, partly because itā??s rude and partly because if somebody nudges my leg Iā??m in for a world of pain.

So, the baguettes kinda make up for that. Pretty thrilling, eh?

However, I may venture into town this evening as fellow Canuck expat Charlie Kosman is hosting a jam session at Ridgeback (Zitna 41, Prague 1 ā?? beside the location indicated on this map). Here are the details from Charlieā??s email:

Cool place, no cover, not expensive beer, can smoke in the back room.

Most nights a bunch of African dudes bang on their drums, but that evening they have agreed to let us jam with them and some of their friends. I will bring my drum, violin, harp and a few light instruments, and 200W amp with 2 inputs, so I am sure we can whip up a bit of a storm. Anyone else who wants to bring an instrument or amp etc. are welcome.

Will try to organise this where people can sign up with me if they want to lead any songs, stating if and what accompaniment they can tolerate/desire. Those who are inspired/allowed can then join in. Would prefer to keep it more of an open jam instead of individual solo performances, cause I didnā??t drag my shit down there to watch someone else play. Will try to organise things in a Bohemian yet hopefully tactfully anal way to ensure an enjoyable evening for all, and will even be the benevolent dictator and allow the audience to boo me and my violin off the stage!
Hope to see yā??all :o)

Of course, my attendance is kinda dependent on the knee ā?? it ainā??t no fun limping around the centre of Prague feeling like a total gimpā??

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