Super Spek Me - the not-so-shocking (though surprising) results

Last month I wrote about Supersize Me finally coming to Prague. A Czech experiment in a similar vein recently came to an end. Oddly enough, the results were not all that shocking – apparently Karel Gustav Bozan actually lost weight after eating nothing but “typically unhealthy Czech food. That makes me smile.

Another thing that makes me smile: in a past entry buried deep within the archives, I’m sure I mentioned that out here in Blackbridge there are three McDonalds within walking distance of one another, two of which are technically part of the same shopping complex. The third one is a stand-alone unit intended primarily for drivers who are travelling along Chlumecka.

Rockin Ronnie’s on Chlumecka is right across the road from the McDick’s located at the mall entrance (this map will give you an idea of how ridiculously close they are). Anyway, a couple of days ago I had breakfast at the Chlumecka McD’s (two cheeseburgers and an orange juice – Czech Mickey Dees are very inconsistent when it comes to offering proper breakfast fare). Coming out of the joint, what do I see standing loud, proud and utterly bloated between the two McDicks? A billboard promoting Supersize Me, featuring an enormous belly sagging beneath the bottom of the board.

I wonder how many of these billboards, if any, have been purposely placed near local McD’s?

Anyway, I don’t get that easily moved by documentaries – as much as it kind of pisses me off, I know that most of the meat and animal byproducts I eat here are factory produced, and, goddamnit, McDonald’s cheeseburgers taste good – especially now that they’re only 20 koruna each. But definitely not good enough to eat for every meal every day – anybody with an iota of common sense should know that.

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  1. Now, see, I read that same CTK story about Bozan and figured that given he started at 125kg, that he prolly ate that equivalent daily any way, and perhaps was eating less on the Czech diet he set for himself than he would otherwise have.

    It’s a guess.

    Bishop    Mar 10, 13:21    #